Saturday, June 12, 2010

Body-Friendly Alterna-Dresses

This post is dedicated to my new blog-friend Angie who has a wedding in 64 (or something) days and does not have a dress.  She mentioned how difficult it is to find something for us busty pear shaped gals, and I agree.  Although I am less busty and more pear shaped than I used to be, I still sympathize. 
So here is my current round up of long alterna-dresses for "ir"regular shaped people:
I love this maxi dress from NY & Co:
and it's $34, making it appropriate for budget brides as well.  The full skirt hides the hips, but the spaghetti straps may need some altering to be able to wear a regular bra. (It's $34. You could buy a whole extra dress and make some cap sleeves or wide straps out of it.) 
Then I headed over to my good friend
I don't do the 1 - shoulder look, because I feel like it makes me look short - but I love this dress and the fuller skirt would be good for a pear-shape and...still no bra.  Damn.
But what have we here? The same dress, with a halter top, and a cheaper price tag?
The problem is the truly bra-friendly dress is for the woman who does not fear the spanx.  And for a summer wedding, Spanx are a layer of hot & sweaty.
 There are some more dubious bra-friendly options that may not be for the pear shaped -
But the matte jersey would be great for the casual summer park wedding, but is still a heavier fabric that tends to show any unfavorable body parts in a favorable light
And then there are the "plus size" (or "average" if you will) options:
And the sleeves will cover your tattoo that you were concerned about not having finished!  And at $200, it's not a bad deal. Plus, 11 reviewers would recommend it to a friend. Sadly, it is so popular it only comes in a 16/18/20 and not in more sizes.  (Also, only comes in a plus size - because I can't imagine any woman who is less than a size 16 who might want a dress with sleeves and wide straps to hide a bra.)

Leaving Nordstrom, there are a few more options.  This dress from Newport News has built in shapewear.  I'm not sure how I feel about that.
Perhaps a lovely summer sundress?
Anyone else have dress suggestions for Angie? 

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