Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Bridesmaids dresses: Check!

On Craft Day we also picked bridesmaids dresses.  Before, when we went shopping, we were leaning towards this style from Priscilla of Boston.  It looked great on 3/4 of my 'maids and was within budget*.  However, for the next two months, I proceeded to waffle.  I could get it in navy, cranberry, or green.  And despite the fact that I had wanted the girls in navy, I began to stress that it wouldn't look right with tuxes, that it would be too formal, that it would be too dark.

So we met at Bella Bridesmaids in Federal Hill to re-try on the dress, and so I could pick a color and we could place our order.  The stylist pulled dresses I had tried on before on a scouting mission (okay, and for fun), which were the original halter, and this belted dress.  Mark's sister tried on the belted dress first, and it looked really cute on her.  This was unsurprising, because everything looked cute on her.  My sister was a little vocal about not liking the belt, and I explained that I was thinking about a sash instead of the belt.  I pulled a pink sash from the rack and tied it around her waist.  Kelly, the consultant, immediately replaced it with an apple green sash.

That was it.  The green sash gave it a pop of color, made it a little more day-appropriate and casual, and I was totally sold on the look. I was additionally sold by the fact that with the belt, the dress looked really chic and could be reworn for a formal event without looking like a bridesmaid's dress, and I also loved that the sashes can be tied in a million different ways, so each girl can look a little different in a way that reflects her personality. I also love that the guys can wear green vests that match the sashes and it will look cohesive but still fun. 

As soon as my 2 late bridesmaids (who got lost and stuck in traffic on the way) showed up, I shoved them into the dress**, told them they looked fantastic, and bless them, they knew by now I was so frustrated that if they didn't like the dress, they had better lie.  I sat down on the couch comfortably while they filled out their cards and we called it a day.

I owe Kelly and Bella Bridesmaids a huge "Thank You!" and highly recommend them for all your chic bridesmaiding needs in Baltimore.  It doesn't hurt that they are 4 blocks from our apartment.  I will say that PoB was probably one of the more reasonably priced lines they carried with long dresses, and they had a limited long dress selection - but if you are looking for cute short dresses, you will be so happy! 

*And the bridesmaid it didn't look as good on was willing to wear it.and would have looked fine but not great.  There was no dress that looked good on everyone - there weren't even two dresses from the same line that looked good on everyone!
**I swear, I'm NOT a bridezilla.  Or maybe I am, but there was another appointment after us and I really just needed to make a damn decision.  


  1. The first dress you originally considered is the one I'm wearing as a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. We got it in navy. Her wedding is in the evening so I can see how you might have wanted something else for daytime. PoB has nice dresses though and the one you chose is really pretty. I considered one of their short dresses for our wedding but we ended up going with J.Crew instead.

  2. Yay congrats on making a decision on the bridesmaids dresses! I hope it'll help reduce the stress a bit.

    And those dresses are really nice, and I can imagine them looking great with the green apple sash.

  3. I really like it! One more thing checked off. YAY