Thursday, June 24, 2010

Dream Dress

I had a really weird wedding dream last night.  (Like, really weird.  I wasn't marrying Mark, but that was okay, because I wasn't me.  Plus there was a snowstorm and a flood and a friend who died and then a voiceover bit where a guy was like, "and when I returned, years later, to the family...."  Really really weird.)  But at one point I opened up the closet and there was my dress.
And holy cr*p it was the most amazing dress I've ever seen in my life.
It had a crumb catcher like this one, and it nipped in at the waist and then flowed down to the floor:
Only it was blue and white brocade.  It was a white background, with a light blue pattern and I could not wait to wear it!  

A friend and I discussed on Saturday whether wedding dresses had to be white.  I don't really think that they do, but I also didn't buy the pink dress that I tried on in the store (and loved.) 

I would have bought my dream dress though.  Cuz it was amazing.  Have you ever done that or am I totally weird?


  1. I don't think you're nuts! I had a dream years ago that I was searching at a fabric store and found a white fabric with light blue flowers that I was going to make into my wedding dress. When I get married, I plan to find the fabric (probably a lawn or dimity) and get my dress made from it.

    I definitely think wedding dresses can be non-white. For those who say "Then how will they know you're the bride??": If guests at my wedding can't figure out I'm the bride after I stand up and say vows, they might need to get their eyes checked!

  2. I have the weirdest dreams. (Last night I had a dream I was a dancer and rehearsing for a show later that evening. The director randomly tells us that we need to learn to do the splits flawlessly in 2 hours. I call my parents to bring my makeup kit, because we were moving at the time and my makeup bag was in the car at my grandparents house. It was snowing outside. It goes on.)

    Sometimes when I wake up I'm very disappointed elements of them don't exist in real life. Your dream dress sounds beautiful!

  3. @Sara, Exactly. I'm going to be wearing a brown dress because I look terrible in white and I'm not a fan of wedding dresses (on me anyway). My dress is silk and I'll be fancifying it with a brocade sash. (And I'm thrilled about it.) Someone asked me about bridesmaid dresses and said "How will they know who the bride is?" (Whoever "they" is, right?) And my response was that if they didn't know who the bride was, they shouldn't be at the wedding/need to see wedding pictures!

  4. Haha, I haven't done that with a wedding dress, but I totally would have a dream like that.

  5. I so have those kinda crazy dreams all the time.

    I would have loved to rock a coloured dress - but then I figured you only get one real chance to wear a white dress.