Monday, June 7, 2010

Free Stuff

So I saw these on the Weddingbee DIY gallery awhile ago, but I kept forgetting to post them.  Having done the DIY-ish invite thing, it's really not so bad (minus the disaster of getting them cut at Staples.)  We purchased our invite from Printable Press, but I seriously considered the gorgeous invites by Anna Skye over at Download And Print:
Anyway, if you get them printed on fancy paper, even simple DIY invites look pretty nice.  I highly recommend something with a linen finish. 
You download the files, change the wording, and print them yourself (or get them printed at Staples. But don't have them cut them - more on our invitation drama this week!)  You can mount them on a piece of nice card stock or stick them inside a pocketfold.  (How good would that flower one look on a blue backing?)  It makes DIY anything about a thousand times easier to have somebody else do the design for you. 

Another great resource are these free and very inexpensive ones from as blogged about today on $2000 Wedding.  

Are you DIYing your invites?


  1. YES . . . we did them ourselves. They were a PAIN in the HOLE and I'm an idiot for choosing pocketfolds. *ahem* That said, they're all sent out, which was the biggest wedding relief I've experienced so far, and I've heard nothing but compliments about them. That makes stressing over it all just a bit better.

  2. We're looking at the second free template you posted, sans backing or pocketfold so it's less postage and more eco-friendly. Alternately, we may get some free design help, but we won't worry too much if it falls through. The invitations are one place we're deciding to not focus too much money or energy, though we're willing to invest a bit more energy (semi-DIY) for a bit less money.

  3. Ooh -- I'm eager to hear your printing and cutting advice -- we're buying a printable invite design as well, and need to decide how to have them printed and cut stat . . . Thanks, Ellie!

  4. We are DIYing our invites, but haven't really gotten started yet. Keep the advice coming so I can file it away for when we get around it.

  5. Those look great! Templates are the way to go for DIY invites! We got our invites from Smock Paper and i love love them but all of our shower/party invites have been DIY with templates

  6. That seems to be the case ... i looked at printable press for ideas on papaer. i am scared about paper. We are working with a local artict to create a design and then trying to figure out from there. I let the dream of hatch show prints float away because it didn't seem to fit with our venue.