Thursday, June 3, 2010


Back when we hired a photographer, we moved our video budget to photography. I knew there was no preventing my mother from videotaping everything, especially now that she has a Flip HD (which we gave her for Christmas cuz we're a bunch of enablers), and I knew the chances that we would watch the video weren't so high...but I still wanted the day on film, so I wanted to ask a friend to videotape the wedding. Fortunately, we have a friend who does video-editing and video-stuff anyway, and thus I recently secured our videographer, via g-chat, as all good friend-or meetings should go. I'd asked her awhile ago, but I wanted to see if she was still willing recently.

me: are you still willing to videotape our wedding?
because I vaguely remember asking you about this like, a year ago
Sarah: I mean obviously I'd rather be drunk. But assuming I'm still working at [place where she works doing video editing] I'll do it

The conversation continued and she offered to do the video, to edit it together, and to tape the ceremony, plus the toasts and first dance. (But my mom will videotape the whole reception and there is nothing I can do about it, so I've given up trying.)

She also asked to come to our rehearsal so she could check the place out. But of course! I think she is at least a little excited as well, because they don't have to buy us anything from Bed Bath & Beyond. And I'm really excited that we will have a good video of the wedding to show the grandparents who can't make it, because that was the part that made me saddest about cutting the video. Will they really want to watch it? I don't know. But will I be upset if they really want to watch it and we have nothing to show them? Yes.

Does this border vaguely on asking my friend to work during a wedding? Yes, but I told her as soon as the alcohol is out, she can start drinking, so I don't think it will be that big of a deal.

Do you have any friendors?


  1. Our photographers are friends of mine, but we are paying them both - one is a professional photog and is giving us a really good deal as her wedding gift, and the other is an amazing photographer friend who's not a professional, so maybe her photographing our wedding will help her get into it? Hmm.

    I have a friend who does video stuff, but she's not a good friend. She was one of my best friends in middle school and I haven't seen her more than once every other year since. I'm debating asking her to videotape our stuff... we'll see... I do like me the idea of a video!

  2. Both of our photographers are friends, but we'll be paying them. They will however be cutting us a deal. And half of Mr. Beagle's friends that we are inviting are photographers too, so I imagine at some point the cameras will get traded among friends and the paid photographers will have a chance to kick back and relax/dance with us.

    Mr. Beagle has a friend who will dj, ie, "set up the speakers and programmed computer with music, press play, and announce dances and toasts." Mr. Beagle claims he will buy his friend an iPad in exchanged for doing this...we will see about that.

  3. if it weren't for friendors we wouldn't be having the wedding we are!
    + my good friend is doing our photography for a few hundred bucks. she's a pro photographer but just getting started with weddings.

    + another friend is interning at an amazing seattle bakery. she's doing our cake (with the help of the head chef) for the cost of ingredients. she gets to use their kitchen and their tools.

    + the band T recorded last year is playing for free.

    + my next door neighbor is helping me put flowers together.

    + our caterer is a friend of tommy's. she's a chef who is trying to get a catering business going, so we're getting a GREAT deal.

    + T's bff got ordained and will be marrying us.

  4. It sounds like you picked the perfect person for the job

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  6. We were able to secure quite a few friendors... from musicians to photographers/videographer, DJ, and more. The tricky part for us has been considering payment. The whole point of using friendors is to save money (and have people you care about more intimately involved in your special day), but when someone is so generous with their time and talents, we find ourselves wanting to get them something grande and/or pay them. What are many of you doing to solve this dilemma? Or is it a dilemma at al???

  7. One of my best girlfriends from study abroad is in an awesome cover band. Whenever we go to her shows we have the best time, she really works the crowd. I do REALLY want her as a GUEST at the wedding. However my bethrothed REALLY wants me to ask her band about playing at the wedding. Live music would be great, but I don't want her to have to 'work' my entire reception. I still havent figured this one out. She had already agreed to lend her voice to the ceremony.