Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Leave Your Butts Outside

On our very first venue visit, the man showing us around pointed out to the front porch and said, "that's the bench that smokers use, since smoking isn't allowed in the Inn."  I laughed.  Because well, we don't have any smokers.  I thought about it a little harder, and realized that 5-6 of our guests are smokers.  Some of whom are usually in one stage of quitting or another.

My grandfather used to have an ashtray shaped like a skull that said, "No smoking."  Growing up, I was overly sensitive to cigarette smoke and the smell of it, particularly on an airplane , would make me feel sick.*  My house always had a "no smoking" sign by the front door.  So the issue of smokers at the wedding never even occurred to me.

I'm not sure whether smoking is allowed at Irvine, but I'm going to leave that up to somebody else to figure out.  I assume that our family and friends who do smoke would not smoke inside the tent itself, but am I assuming wrong?

Also, I'm a little bummed that I can't get those customized matchbooks as favors because nobody will use them.

*Yes, I remember smoking on planes being legal.  It was legal on international flights until I was 11 or 12 years old.  I used to dread flying because of it. 


  1. My father is a *heavy* has always bothered me and as an adult I'm very sensitive to the smoke. Our venue has a spot for smokers too... but I don't plan on being anywhere near it.

    (those match books are cute and would totally work for candles)

  2. I hate smoking! When I studied abroad in Spain, people smoked everywhere (indoors and out) and I couldn't stand coming home and having my clothes smell like it. In NYC, smoking isn't allowed indoors, anywhere. I don't even know if our venue has a space for smokers, but I'm not worrying about accommodating our smoking guests because it's a terrible habit!

    My grandfather also died from emphysema so I have a personal reason for hating smoking. My dad was a heavy smoker for years and recently quit, which is awesome.

    I agree with Sara about the matchbooks though--I grab them at restaurants all the time and use them for candles.

  3. I think smokers are pretty aware that they can't smoke just anywhere, including a tent. I bet they will automatically step outside the tent. If for some reason they don't, instead of confronting them, could you stick a staff member on them to direct them outside the tent?

  4. I am 100% certain that no-one I know that smokes will smoke in the tent. But there are some people coming I have never met.

    I also don't know how far from the tent they would go. Or where they can smoke on the grounds. I could check, or I could not bother and trust that they'll figure it out. I choose option B. And if anybody smokes in the tent, there are about 125 people there who know me and will ask them to leave.

  5. So I'm the minority here. I quit 2yrs ago but the Mr and oh 90% of our bridal party smoke. A good number of our friends do too. The guys also have a thing about cigars at weddings. Our invitation vendor has a binder of matchbook designs - he was like a kid in a toy store. Since we're getting our invites pretty cheap & the matches are not expensive, we're getting them.

  6. Tehre were quite a few smokers at my sister's wedding, and she had a tent, and they all stepped pretty far outside the tent to smoke. I think msot people are pretty respectful of the fact that that's basically "indoors" and they should not be lighting up under the "roof."

  7. Good question. We're hoping people won't smoke under the pavilion. My grandfather has horrible asthma and I wouldn't want cigarette smoke to trigger it. Not sure how we'll tackle this, though. One idea we had was to move some of the picnic tables outside of the pavilion, further away, and supply ashtrays that way folks know where to go. We could also write a "no smoking under pavilion" or "smoking area" message on one of our little chalkboards. I'm an on again/off again smoker so I have no trouble telling folks to post up somewhere further away if they want to light up. I know if it were me, I wouldn't be offended.

  8. You could use them for sparklers.