Monday, June 28, 2010

Moving matters

Yesterday, we undertook our 3rd move together as a couple.  (Plus Mark and I each moved at least 3 times since we've been together.)  This time, we accomplished the move with minimal fighting, which is impressive.  I had to take a full length practice bar exam over the weekend, so I was very little help.  Mark managed the movers and directed everything. In retrospect, I think this was a good thing, because he could do all of his organized moving things that he likes to do (like decide exactly where furniture goes before it goes in a room, and color code the boxes) and I wasn't there to be impatient and angry.  (In retrospect, it is possible that the complicated parts of moving are all related to me, because I get really cranky when I'm hot and hungry.  I also throw things in boxes and then am confounded as to why it takes 3 months to find soap.)

But this post isn't actually about moving.  It's about telling people that you've moved.  With weddings, it is especially important that people have your current address.  (If you get a gift, and it gets sent back to the shipper, and the shipper was the store, and you don't send a thank-you note for said gift, I imagine it is terrible.)

After Mark had set up my bar review corner in my new dressing room,  (Yes, both he and the new apartment rock.)  I settled in and sent an email to pretty much all of our friends and family, alerting them to our new address.  However, I think we will still copy an idea from an acquaintance who got married.  They put an "at home" announcement in the back of their program.

According to The Knot, the at-home "card" is a good way to "clarify how the bride and groom will be addressed".  They then follow this with a number of examples of what you do when you are a lady doctor and you get married and you keep or hyphenate your last name.  So score one for the knot.

Ours will probably be just a note on the bottom of the last page of the program, to save paper and expense, but I'm not sure how to word it.  According to Mrs. Tulip, much of the wording is antiquated.  A note that says, "After our honeymoon, we can be found at home at:" would be my instinct, but that doesn't clarify any name-changes we make.  Or a superhero motif that says, "our new married identities are:" and "find us at our lair" but I'm not sure we'll be goofy enough for that in the program.

I think maybe just:
After the wedding/honeymoon:
Mark HisLast
Ellie Mylast-Myotherlast
can be found/reached/annoyed at home
Our new address
Baltimore, MD 212XX
If you are going to just show up, please bring a casserole or some beer.

Okay, maybe minus the casserole, but I think it works.  Even though the address isn't new, it will be new enough to plenty of people.  Should we specify the date we will be back from the honeymoon?

Is anybody else doing an at-home announcement?  Can we start a revolution here?


  1. We are mid-move and I was all about color coding all the boxes, and my husband didn't see the point and thought it didn't really help anything. So my boxes are color coded and his are not. We will see after we move in if the color coding was indeed helpful or not. I will also have a sort of "dressing room" in our new apartment. It is actually a second bedroom that is too small for a bed and has the washer and dryer in there, so I thought it made sense to put my clothes in there too. :)

  2. I suspect that my name strategy (keeping my last as my middle and tacking on his last, but NOT professionally, where I need to keep my name) will make the new name thing pretty optional for everybody. And we're not moving. So I think I'll just rely on word of mouth.

    But I like the lair idea...

  3. "If you are going to just show up, please bring some beer."

    Fixed it for you!

  4. That's a good idea! We moved a few months ago, but since our invitations haven't gone out yet and the RSVPs are coming to our new address, our guests will see the new address on our envelopes.

  5. Such a good idea. I am of the opinion that the more different ways you can give people information, the more likely they are to remember it (or remember one place to look for it easily). If you have a wedding website with your registry information on it, maybe you could add a note there also, saying that you have moved and to contact you for the new address (and make sure you update the stores your registered with).

  6. I second Julie...

    I've never even heard of these "at home" cards. We're not sure if we're moving yet. We've been looking at some of the newer places in Baltimore... but I'd miss our ceilings. But then again our move may not be until after October, so the "at home" cards aren't very timely.

    Bless that Mark!

  7. This sounded SO good when I read it... and then I tried explaining it to Turtle and it ended up just sounding silly. So, not for us :) If people want to know, they'll ask. Or check facebook. :)

  8. I've never heard of an "at-home" card either, but I think if it works for you guys to get your correct names and addresses out, go for putting it in the back of your program.

    And congrats on the move. I read something about your own closet. Ummm, swooning over here. Me wants.

  9. I don't think you need to tell people when you're back from honeymoon.

    Glad you didn't kill each other on the move. And score on the dressing room. Fancy!

  10. We put it in the Thank you notes. 35 years ago having different last names was a novelty so this was an easy way to send it out. IIRC it was a business card sized card with her name my name and our address and phone number.
    However I was then studying for the Bar so its all a bit hazy. I think my lovely mother in law actually "prepared" the thank you notes and my lovely wife signed them

  11. I had never heard of this, but I really like it! We will be moving to a new place right after our wedding, so that will definitely be helpful..
    The "At-home" revolution has begun!