Thursday, June 24, 2010

Photographers I Would Have Picked

I have a friend who is getting married and she had a status message the other day about her photographer.  Her budget was higher than ours was, which I was relieved to hear, because even though we got lucky with Kiersten, I found our $2,000 budget hard to work with.  (I have no doubt you can get a good photographer for 2k, but because we really wanted somebody with a lot of experience, it was a challenge.)
Along the way I found a few photographers who I loooooved, but were just a little too high.
The first was Paired Images.  They shot my friend Renee's wedding and I stalked her pictures on facebook and they were jaw-droppingly gorgeous.
Kelly Prizel Photography - I found Kelly early on when I found out about So You're EnGAYged and love her work.  She's in NE, but from her website at the time it seemed like she shot DC weddings.
Stacy Richardson Photography - Our friends posted their engagement pictures on Facebook and I seriously gasped.  It really looked like a magazine shoot.
But of course, I would recommend Prema Photographic to anyone as well:
(And since Kiersten is so reasonably priced, it makes paying travel fees seem less daunting.)


  1. those are beautiful! I have to give a shout out to our photographer too lol Mike Smith- Ash Imagery - I am so excited to see our wedding day through his eyes!

  2. Wow, I just clicked over to your photographers site -- her photos are amazing! I also saw she just established her business in 2009, so it looks like you scored a fantastic deal by booking her before word got out. Well done!

  3. If I had a bigger budget to work with, we would have gone with bobbi+mike ( am in LOVE with their style and sense of humor. But alas, we didn't have the budget, and unfortunately picked an AWFUL photographer and ended up with photos I don't like to share. *sigh*

  4. I know what you mean about the budget. We were also right there at $2,000 and it was definitely hard but totally doable. The one girl I wish I would have gone with was actually just a couple hundred more than the photographer we picked and now I am wishing I would have sucked it up and gone with her.

    The one tip I will give to all brides is DO NOT SKIMP on your PHOTOGRAPHER! Cut from the budget and find a way to go the higher end if ever possible. :)

  5. Hey! Just wanted to thank you for the shout out! :)