Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sticky Issues

Usually for craft projects, I like to use the double sided adhesive roller that works kind of like those white out dispensers.  These are great because you can refill them. I was concerned that application would be too time consuming when it came to mounting our invites on cardstock, and also I wanted the whole card affixed to the cardstock, not just the edges.  I wasn't sure what else to use thought.  I considered spray adhesive, but could only find repositionable spray adhesive.  That definitely wasn't what we wanted.   I contemplated Rubber Cement, the adhesive of my science fair project days*, but the drying process is so complicated that I couldn't imagine using it for 100 invites.

So then I turned to my stage crew staple - the Glue Stick.
I picked up two of the Elmer's Craft Bond Extra Strength Glue Sticks at my local Michaels - at $3 apiece, these were a much more affordable solution than the double-sided adhesive, and I am pleased to report that they do, in fact, stick pretty well.  Two of these was plenty to glue 100 invitations to cardstock backings.  I hope it holds, but a small part of me is concerned that when we stuff the invites in August, the glue will have self-destructed and our invites will have fallen apart.  I don't let myself think about that too much though.

Have you also searched for a good adhesive? Any recommendations?  Did you have a negative experience with Elmer's that led to all of your invites disassembling in the mail?

*Concluding that stainless steel thermoses are the best and there is no stain remover that gets out paint.  


  1. I love that blue scrapbooking adhesive. It's repositionable until it dries, then it's permanent. It won't bleed through your paper and it's never gloopy. <3