Monday, July 19, 2010

Bubbles! My bubbles!

At my cousin's wedding, they handed us little heart shaped bubble blowers and asked us to blow bubbles as the couple came out of the church.
I had thought this would be cheesy.  It wasn't.  It was cute.
So what if, I suggested to Mark, people blew bubbles at us as we receeded?  Maybe not people.  Maybe just small children who love to blow bubbles.  (I'm all about pleasing the small children.)
Nothing gets stuck in your hair, and I love bubbles.  Really, I do. 
Plus, bubbles are cheap.  And children are cute.  Win?
Somebody did point out that bubbles are sticky. Meh.


  1. I agree. I'm usually not a fan of the whole throwing things at a couple - but at a wedding last weekend it looked pretty great. I think the key is to have TONS of them.

    They sell them at Michael's already filled. I saw them there this weekend.

  2. I think it's a great idea. Bubbles are fun for those blowing them and they make for a cute exit and photos.

  3. Go for it! We're planning to do the same exact thing actually and I've seen so many awesome bubble photo ops! You could even set up a bubble machine so that you get the full effect (enough bubbles). The kids will definitely enjoy it, and the adults will too! It beats having rice thrown at you!

  4. We blew bubbles on my sister and her husband during their first dance. 1) You know how jerks (like me) generally find the first dance a very snoozy affair? Blowing bubbles is fun. 2) The pictures that guests took with their regular digital cameras came out really interesting, because they'd randomly focus on particular bubbles. The pro's photos were much more flat. 3) We blew A LOT of bubbles, and at no point did I notice anything being sticky because of it.

  5. Just buy your bubbles from a reputable place, ie NOT the 99 cent store. Because those bubbles were gross and entirely sticky. (Bubbles may have made an appearance at a recent birthday party, though I can't say anything about weddings)

  6. FUN for the WIN!

    Cute children. Yes. Cute and Happy Children? Double Yes.

  7. Doooo it. We had tubes of bubbles sitting out at the reception, just for the fun of it. Can't beat cheap entertainment! ;)

  8. Just be careful with what your bridesmaids are wearing. At my friend's wedding a couple years ago, we gave out bubbles to the guests for the exit from the church. All of our bridemaid dresses got stained - we were wearing satin. Test it out on an inconspicuous spot on the dress, or on a sample of the fabric. We all had these funny little dots on our dresses the rest of the night. @hitchdied - I do kind of love that idea - bubbles during the first dance!!

  9. I would totally be down. And it would be great for the kids!