Thursday, July 22, 2010

Centerpiece thoughts

Every once in awhile, I have woken up recently obsessed with our centerpieces.  Or it's flower girl dresses.  Or it's finding a dress that fits me.  Regardless, an obsession grabs me and I can't shake it.  So I've been overthinking our centerpieces.  I oscillate between two main thoughts:
1. Flowers
2. Dead things

Using these:

Can just ask florist to bulk order $100 of burgundy and orange flowers or hypericum berries and some flower
Can get vases from ikea.

Somebody has to fill the vases with water and put them on the tables and it's not gonna be me.
This one stressed out my FMIL.

Dead things:
Using these:

Easy! Can set these up WEEKS in advance and just have somebody pull them out of a box and put them on the tables.
The glass vases are less than half the price of the white vases.
I have a friend with a farm family.  She might have some extra wheat.

Not very colorful (can solve with ribbon or colored dried twiggy things. Or celosia.)
I might want to put small rocks in them. Disaster waiting to happen.  Pretty sure they will break.
Have to order wheat.  This made me feel overwhelmed, but then I found dried flowers 'r us and was happy. Plus they have extra colorful dead things.
Can't find vases in stock at local ikea.

Surely one of you will say "why don't you just combine the two and have awesome wheat and flowers in vases?"  I was thinking about that, especially when I remembered that celosia is really cool looking, comes in our colors, and is in season in October.  But still, which vases? Taller? Shorter? Cheaper? Cuter?

I also am tempted by these nifty vases I saw in the bathroom at Irvine.  Not weird at all....
It's got wheat, dried curly twiggy things, and bright green and red grasses in a mason jar with river rocks and tied with raffia.  They're a little tall, but we could have fewer of them than the little vases, since they are substantial, and less work appeals to me.  I return to the "we are not mason jar rustic canning type people" debate we had months ago, but you know what kind of people we are? Cheap and easy.  That's right.

Thoughts? Inputs? Good source for vases?


  1. hmm...yesss, ticksey...

    I think I am partial of the little vases with flowers. But just because its flowers and colorful and happy. (or maybe just don't call the other option 'dead things'! lol!)

    But dead things do sound easier because you could bundle before hand and then just stick in their appropriate places! And its cheaper!

    So I vote for easier and cheaper.

    And in the end its centerpieces and they won't really matter! So go for cheap and easy!

  2. Both look nice! I love both vases...I'd been eyeing the white ones on Ikea's website recently. I agree with Jen and like the flower idea better. But if it's going to be a pain to get it set up, then stick to what's easiest! I like the combination of colorful candles with the "dead things" in the second photo. Maybe you could use colorful candles as well.

  3. I personally love flowers and live things. I think a few flowers can really improve any venue.

    Whatever you decide, feel free to put me down for flower/center piece labor. I am more than willing to help you achieve your vision on your day.

    If you do not want all the vases to match, I had great luck finding vases at thrift stores for our wedding. You cannot beat a vase for 25 cents!

  4. the combo makes the most sense to me- I love the texture of fresh and dried. Whichever you go with, I am a fan of shorter centerpieces... I like to see the people I am sitting across from.

  5. i vote for preassembly!

    tip: keep an eye on Ikea's stock of the clear vases. my dishtowel/napkins went like this over a few days: 44, 31, 11, 3,964! when they get them in, it will be a HUGE shipment! maybe you can call them and ask when it's coming?

  6. We're doing carnations in milk glass, and we did a test run and discovered that they hold up beautifully for 12 hours with no water. Maybe do a test run with the flowers you're thinking and see how they do?

  7. I like the "dead things" - you can use pussywillows too - they're so soft & fluffy.

  8. I am considering a similar thing for my centerpieces, especially the little white vases with greenery. But, like you, I am stressed about who will assemble and get them to someone to put out as you can't assemble until the last minute.

    I say, go simple, cheap, and easy. At the end of the day, very few people will remember your centerpieces. You could mix and match the vases, depending on your tables and the setup. I like the idea of some dried flowers - I may have to borrow that one.

  9. Hahaha! Flowers vs. Dead things.

    I love that last one! You could most definitely find some beautiful Fall colors in the curly twigs and sprigs of wheat.

    I was just going to suggest IKEA for the vases. Another good place is Ryan's Relics in Nottingham. It's owned by a really sweet, young couple and they have the most awesome treasures. We bought about 20 pieces of milk colored glassware for $36. They would definitely have some unique vases for similar pricing.

  10. Hi, we've been on the same wavelength lately with silly (but not really) centerpiece thoughts and ikea being uncooperative. I like the flowers, personally. I don't think it will be hard at all to throw a flower or two in a vase, since it's not really an arrangement. And the wheat could easily break if preassembled. So one person throws flowers in the vases, one person runs around to put them on tables and voila. It doesn't have to be your FMIL.

    That said, I also like the wheat. I just worry that preassemble will break it so you have the same issue. But it's unique and pretty and cheap, so that's a lot of pluses.

    And, although I'm a mason jar girl myself, I don't love the mixture.

    that's just me. go with whatever makes you happy, is cheapest, and easiest.

  11. Also - source for bud vases: TARGET. I got several frosted glass bud vases there for like $1 or $2 apiece.

  12. apparently it's very easy to get the white chic vases from thrift shops like value village or thrift just may take some scouring, but from what i've read they're not too difficult to find!

    another thing you could do is just buy colourful table runners to add that extra oomph to the tables, while still staying with the sexy wheat centerpieces ;)

  13. I like the whole milk glass things. I look forward to what you decide on. I am randomly taking pictures of storm/bathroom/reataurant arragements myself. I would love to DIY flowers ... but my mother-in-law thinks I am being ridiculous, which probably means she wont help. anyhow, Stay sane.