Friday, July 30, 2010

Dressing my mom

This is my mother:
Isn't she cute?  No, that's what she normally looks like.  So how do I find a MOB dress for that?  She likes bright colors, and expressed a desire to wear a colorful dress to the wedding. to the rescue.  In June, Mark's mom let me know she bought a dress.  I did the Totally Normal thing and Freaked Out.  I blame bar review.  I then ordered...oh, 7 dresses from for my mother.  First was a batch of 4 incredibly ugly dresses that I'm surprised my mother was still speaking to me after they showed up on her doorstep.  The second were these two:
The first one looked great.  The second one is not for short women, even though it came in petite sizing.  It was gorgeous though, so if you are tall and skinny, you should totally get it. has a great return policy, so we are keeping the eggplant one for now but I'm keeping an eye out for anything in a similar style, but slightly redder/cranberryier color and perhaps a shinier fabric (this one is actually a heavier knit, which is nice in a lot of ways.) 

The more important question: shoes?  What color goes with purple? I'm thinking maybe a pale gold/champagne color?  She has a silver pair that could work, but would be a bit "meh".  She doesn't do heels.  She might do a slight (1inch) wedge.  Help please!


  1. The first one looks a lot like the dress my fiance's mom is wearing to our wedding. Very pretty and flattering! I think either silver or gold/champagne would go with that eggplant color. Check out and for some short heels or flats. They have a great return policy and ship fast as well.

  2. I love Steve Madden metallic flats - the Kobbe or the Kinetic are both adorable (I'm wearing Kobbe for my wedding, it's less "gold" than it looks"). Both at Nordstrom.

    I also love skin-color patent this season. The patent dresses it up and they go with EVERYTHING. Go to and search taupe patent for some gorgeous choices. I'm loving on the Shoebox peep toe wedge, though it might be a bit tall for mom (2")

    Good luck!

  3. I love the purple one, but I believe we've already talked about that. I think silver shoes would be perfect. Or black, or purple if you can find the right matching color (very hard, I know).

  4. Gold! Gold and purple are fantastic.

    What a cute, little mom you have there!

  5. Sorry, I'm totally useless in this area, but I really like the dress! Very nice, not overly momish.

  6. My mom wore a deep fuschia dress for my sister's wedding, and the salesman suggested gunmetal grey shoes. When she told me, I thought it was a weird suggestion, but they ended up looking fantastic. Something to consider.