Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Okay, so as of today, I am 13 days from the bar exam and 88 from the wedding.  Cue....masspanichysteria!!!  So on the immediate to-do list? Study like crazy.  On the August to-do list? Well, let's see.   

Cake - concept sketches and tasting
fix and mail US invitations (yes, they did all fall apart in the heat...why do you ask)
DIY Projects 
  -Order more paper
  -Sewing projects: veil, headband, table runners, vests, ties, bench covers, bridesmaid's sashes
  -Escort cards
  -Mock up program design
  -Thank you notes for shower gifts
OOT bags - acquire contents, assemble (don't add anything w/ chocolate until October)
Groomsmen/Groom - decide on vests, arrange rentals.
mock-up centerpieces and buy vases and wheat/flowers/whatever for centerpieces
Decide whether we want paper lanterns/purchase (you can get them at Ikea now, btw. They have the really huge ones for $6, which is a good price and means you can avoid shipping costs.)
Dress fittings start (find a tailor)
Accessorize for both Bride and Groom
Wedding signs

Also, how much of this can we say "screw it" to at the last minute?  Everything but mailing the invitations and maybe the dress fittings.  So really, it's not so bad.  Also, a lot of it can be pushed into September if necessary, I just really don't want to be dealing with last minute projects. 

The bar exam on the other hand? Can't really say screw it.  Except for biz orgs, where I have decided that I should just guess the answer, because I can't get a grip on the material enough otherwise.


  1. All you need to know about bus orgs is the duties of care and loyalty. For everything else, guess what best serves the duties/public policy.

    I'm most terrified of contracts right now, because I can't seem to get ANY questions about damages right. Ever.

  2. Good luck with these last few study days before the bar! I'm feeling frazzled and stressed by our less-than-90-days-status too but we'll all get it done!

  3. This is why you pass off projects to friends! I can sew in a straight line - and even in circles! Those thank you notes are all you, though :)

  4. You can do it! First the Bar, then the wedding, then Life! YAAAAAY! You're almost there! And that list is totally manageable, post-bar/pre-wedding. You've got this.