Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Non-Hosted Activities

I was reading through some of ThatWife's wedding recaps a little while ago, and I noticed that she mentioned that they had a section on their wedding website dedicated to "Non-Hosted Activities" which I think translates to "join us but we won't pay for you." Although instinctively, I think we might feel that this is "tacky" ultimately, it would be unreasonable for the couple to pay for activities and events on top of the wedding, rehearsal dinner, brunch, etc.
I think that this is kind of a fun way for couples on a budget to plan activities that people are welcome to join in on, but don't have to. Since we're getting married on a holiday weekend, and we think people may come into town for the weekend, it would be good to have some stuff planned out to suggest, and potentially join them for.
Starting in September, the Aquarium and Science Center both do Fridays After Five, which is $8 admission to the museum. Guests could choose to go to the Aquarium or the Science Center for almost 1/5th the normal price. Admission includes the imax/shows as well as all exhibits, so it's pretty cool. Obviously not all of our guests could partake in this, but it would be fun for the ones that get to town early.
Friday night after the Aquarium or Science Center, we could invite guests to join us for an evening at a local bar or restaurant. I think guests might even be willing to venture down to Federal Hill where we live and meet us at one of our favorite hangouts. Since not that many people will get to town on Friday, we probably wouldn't have to worry too much about getting a private room.
Saturday morning, after the Wedding 5k, also a non-hosted activity, could bring a nice Harbor Cruise, allowing guests to have some water-based fun. Then the rehearsal lunch for the lucky few, and Saturday afternoon would of course have some free time, since all good school trips allow for free time. We don't want our guests to get too sick of each other!
Saturday night would be the rehearsal for the unlucky few, plus a bar night for the youngsters.
Sunday could involve some kind of suggested light lunch and suggested places for mani-pedis for those that like that sort of thing. Also possibly a listing of local churches for the religious folk. (We wouldn't be joining them for any of this.)
Is this too much to try to plan for people? Would people from out-of-town (not just people who haven't been to Baltimore before, but people who haven't been to the US in at least 10 years) enjoy the suggestions? Should we suggest some DC activities for people that want to go down there?


  1. First, I don't think it is tacky at all to have non-hosted activities. I don't really like using that term, but something like Unofficial Activities might get across the point that they are optional and not paid for by you. I would love if someone listed things to do on their wedding website, especially if I'll be in town all weekend (especially since yours is a holiday). Stuff that isn't in the guide books would be great.

    We will probably list activities too, since our wedding will be on a holiday weekend and people might come in on Friday (our wedding is on Sunday too).

  2. Ditto to all of the above - Sunday wedding, lots of out of town guests, no $$ to host everything. I think I got around the "non-hosted" term by just listing it as "join us if you can" and "tickets cost around $" so that people get that they need to bring their wallets...


  3. I definitely like the idea! I might steal it for my own site :)

    I think suggestions are great, and then people can pick and choose as they like. And the fact that it's non-hosted, they also don't feel obligated to be a part of it, you know? That way everyone could be as busy or as chill as they want to. And since there's people coming from out of the country, DC suggestions would be good.

    (Check out what I did on my site with just "things to do in Rio: http://carlakarl.ourwedding.com)

  4. I think people would love the suggestions. I went to a wedding in Vancouver and would have LOVED for someone to do that. DC has so much to see and do, it would be awesome for people to enjoy two cities in one trip (esp. since they're relatively close). You have the Smithsonian museums, Chinatown is always fun, and Dupont Circle is great times. I don't think think it's tacky at all- folks can't expect you to host their entire vacation. I think if it's more like an open invitation to join you two in some fun or encouraging them to explore, it's not a bad idea.

  5. Suggestions are fine, but I think setting up non-hosted activities for all days of the weekend seems like a lot, even if they can pick and choose. We're having a non-hosted activity on the Saturday after the wedding (baseball game) and suggesting things to do in the city, but that's pretty much it. If we decide to go to brunch or something on Sunday, then it'll be kind of an impromptu 'spread the word' kind of thing.

    (But maybe I'm just tired of all the planning!)