Wednesday, July 7, 2010

An Open Letter

Dear anyone who might possibly throw me a shower (or throw a shower for other people):

If we do some kind of "questions about the bride" game, can we please have it be multiple choice?

For an extra challenge, can we do it as MBE style questions?
"Ellie and Mark are menu planning.  They decide to make curry sometime next week.  What type of curry are they most likely to make? Choose the best answer."
A.) Yellow curry with pineapple, because it is delicious.
B.) Yellow curry with pineapple, if Mark is rock climbing.
C.) Red curry, that is extra spicy, because it is delicious.
D.) Red curry, with no spice, because it is all they can agree on.

The correct answer is actually B! (We would really make yellow curry with no pineapple.)

You guys, the bar exam has eaten my brain.


  1. Nom, nom, nom. Me bar exam. Me like tasty Ellie brain. Nom, nom, nom.

  2. I was wavering between C & D. I finally picked C because I remembered some joke about the Spice Girls from lecture. Then I watched the video explanation of the question, and that Chuck Schonwhatz character said, re: C, "Why would you pick that answer? Don't be the person who picks C." Then he went on a tangent hypothetical about his ex wife and two television characters and made a boner joke.

  3. Too funny. We did this at my sister's shower as well as mine. I did okay at it. Our game was played during the gift opening to entertain the guests while I unwrapped. So I had to think while opening and smiling and thanking :)

    But the worst part was for every wrong answer you get, I had to chew a piece of bubble gum! After a few wrong answers I could barely breathe let alone talk!

  4. Ha ha, this is awesome!