Friday, July 16, 2010


Awhile ago, I was perusing the Aerosoles website.  Looking for an appropriate sandal for graduation, summer weddings, or my wedding.  I found these, which in purple, would have been perfect for my law school graduation (but I am too cheap to spend $60 on shoes.)  They also came in a green-and-gold combination, which I thought would go great with both the dress I wore for our engagement pictures and with, oh yeah, my wedding dress.
Unfortunately, they were expensive.  And I would have to pay for shipping and return shipping if they didn't fit.  So I waited them out.  I hemmed and hawed and tried them on in our local Aerosoles store, where they only had the purple and the black, but I could check my size.  They went on sale, but were still $50.  And that was just more than I wanted to pay, especially because I had to buy ceremony shoes too.

And then, a few Friday mornings ago, into my inbox came the news of 25% off sale sandals AND free shipping!  In five minutes, I had ordered my shoes.  They arrived last weekend and I staged a little photoshoot with them.  (Because corporations is really boring, you guys.)
They were a little darker than I expected, so I don't think they'll go with my green dress - but they will be perfect with any of my 17 black dresses, and they are hip enough that I can wear them out with jeans when I go out to paint the town.
I could rotate this picture, but I think it's more art-y like this, no?
Like most shoes, I will definitely need some body glide to keep the blisters away, but that was going to be true of anything.  I like them a lot and now my only concern is whether the rubber soles will be alright for dancing in - but we have plenty of time to practice, and it's really only a problem for anything where I really have to twirl. But they should be perfect for a waltz!

Whaddya think?


  1. I like the shoes, but aerosoles do horrors to my feet :( It's one of those brands that I really really really want to like because their shoes are supposed to be comfortable, but they bring me to tears each time (there was no stretching I could do that made them less painful...)

    Hope you're much luckier than me though! Personally, I'm ditching my gorgeous red heels shoes for flipflops during the reception. Classy, I know. But who's going to see it under my long dress?

  2. They look cool . . . you should do some dancing in them beforehand, just to warm up. :)

  3. They look so great. And score on the discounts!

    I am not sure what Body Glide is but I think it does the same trick as Friction Block. Friction Block is this stuff you can get on the band-aid aisle of your local grocery or drug store that you rub on your feet along the places where your shoes rub against. It helps prevent blisters and such. :)

  4. Cute, comfortable and cheap?! Woot! And I find that comfortable heels are much better for dancing than flats, so this is a total score. I've been looking into ballroom dance shoes for this same reason, but I think these are definitely cuter/more post-wedding versatile.

  5. So cute! Don't you love it when something you've been lusting after finally goes on sale?