Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Wedding Wisdom: What kind of love?

I'm trying to read more of your blogs, because more of you have been commenting lately and I'm curious and darnit, you are all fabulous and fascinating! 
I found this gem of wisdom about relationships in Sara's blog:

"It's not a Danielle Steele novel. It's not Shakespeare. And it's not Twilight.

It's more like "Up."

It is committed Love. Decided love. Every day, thanks for doing the dishes and taking out the trash, Love. "

I know that the movie turns out to be quite tragic in ways (in "sobbed through most of it" ways), but finally, a Disney movie that is real about relationships.


  1. LOVE this movie!! We actually had our string quartet play this song as our wedding party walked up the aisle! It was awesome!

  2. What a great quote to steal! So, so true.

  3. I loved this movie too! This scene made me cry.

  4. Awww....Thank you so much for featuring my post on your blog. Your blog was one of the firsts I started reading 8 months ago when we got engaged. We're very excited about this time of our lives, all of the planning and anticipation- but we know the best is everything that happens after. After the Day is the Life.

  5. The first part of this movie made me cry so much. I had no idea real love could translate so well onto screen.

  6. Oh, damn.... I cried and cried within the first few minutes.

    What a love story- his relationship with Ellie and then with Russel. Love it all.

  7. Repeat after me:

    I am not allowed to watch this scene at work. Crying in front of a glass wall is not allowed.

    Now ... if only I could take my own advice!

    I love the quote ... Sara, I just may have to steal it! (and give credit, of course) =)

  8. Ellie, it's been so fun catching up on your blog! Up is the best and made me cry too!

  9. Uhh, so I've never seen this movie. I'm sitting on my couch at 10:15pm, I'm crying my eyes out & my mister thinks I'm insane. That's like cartoon Notebook shizz right there. It reminds me of my favorite quote from "Yours Mine & Ours". I might steal this too (& also give credit of course). Thanks for sharing.