Monday, August 23, 2010

Diamond Dash

I'm disappointed that we already have a ring - and I imagine most of our readers do too, but I'm sure you know somebody else who'd be interested in a chance at a $20k diamond ring (in Baltimore and in Annapolis).  The setup seems to be a scavenger hunt: "In this high-tech treasure hunt, all of the clues and riddles will be delivered via text message right to your cell phone!"

The setup sounds similar to the Baltimore Challenge that Ellie and I took part in a couple of months back; it was a blast, and I'm guessing these events will be even more fun with clues arriving over the course of the race and a bigger prize.  On the other hand, there doesn't appear to be any limitation on how you get around, whereas we found running to be part of the fun of our race.  

Us at the challenge.  One of the items was a picture of us jumping in front of City Hall.

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