Friday, August 27, 2010

Guest Book

I had to go buy index cards for the campaign today and that reminded me that I never told you about our guest book.
The idea came from Mark's little sister, who just got engaged herself (woo!) and I'm sure is sorry she gave me the idea because I bet she wants it for herself.  Cuz it's awesome.
We were talking about table numbers and debating whether to do places or what, and she said that she had been to a friend's wedding in which they had numbers on sticks, but at each table, a pile of cards and had guests write the bride and groom a note to be read on that anniversary (so at table number 5, the cards get read on the 5th anniversary).
I loved this idea so much it sold me on just having table numbers.  It's a guest book and awesome anniversary gift every year in one, plus it will give us an excuse to relive our wedding every year.
The best part of this "guest book"? It requires no work on my part.  I could make cute cards for people to write on, or I could finally have a reason to use up my index cards from bar review.  I've picked the second, because it fits in with our theme of eco-friendly, cheap, and easy.
The only thing is that the cards will need to go into some kind of envelope, and will require some kind of instructions.  I suppose the instructions can be typed up, taped to the envelope, and then put in the middle of the table with the cards.
The only question I have is this - will index cards last 15 years (we only have 15 tables)?  My mom has some recipes from her mother and the cards are still intact, as is the writing, but I'm sort-of concerned about this.  Not concerned enough to do much more than buy archival pens and MAYBE archival cardstock that only goes in the tables that are 10+.  


  1. Yeah, they'll last, you'll be fine. As long as your pens are acid-free and permanent, I really doubt you'll have a problem.

  2. Great idea! I was going to say the same thing as nicoliolihpf--you should pick up some acid-free pens and you'll be all set!

  3. My cousin's wedding was in the Caribbean - as a thank-you gift for those who went, she created a little book of photos...each can be personalized, and the cost is minimal. You can even create your own coffee table book (hardcover) inexpensively - exactly the way you want - with sayings or personal stuff. If you really wanted, you can create little books that people can purchase online through a link you create (you can even make money on it if you wish!) I make a book out of each trip/vacation we take and it makes for a great memory. I like jpegs and CDs but there is something nice about a book that you can pick up and feel.... (and no, I don't have any investment in the company :) I just love what they do!)

  4. As long as you don't keep them in direct sunlight and wacky temperature/humid conditions, they'll be fine. Paper that is less durable lasts for much longer.

    Coming from a museum pro, my suggestions is to find an acid-free box after the wedding and put them in there. And then find a dark place that doesn't variety a ton in temperature and humidity. You'll be set for 15 years or longer.

  5. Heck yeah they'll last 15 years - love this idea.

  6. They'll definitely last. My mom has recipe cards from HER grandmother. They've gotta be at least 50 years old. Fantastic idea, though. If we hadn't already figured out our guest book (and it wasn't something that FI totally looooves), I would definitely think about it for our wedding.