Monday, August 16, 2010


Last week, I was working from home one day and found myself perusing a website.  Something on it made me realize "holy cr*p, we are going to need some kind of license to be married".  At which point I reminded Mark of this. It was not on our ever-growing wedding to-do list.  Since I didn't really want to ADD to the wedding to-do list, I did the thing that any rational person would do and drove up to Towson to pick up our marriage license.

Maryland is a state with a vested interest in Marriage.  They asked me for my name, his name, our SSNs, places of birth, and whether we were related by blood in any way.  They also asked if we had ever been married before.  In Maryland, you do not need an ID to get a marriage license, but you do need $35 in cash.

Yes, it's 2 months from the wedding, but the license is good for 6 months, so I figured it was best to get it taken care of.  So it's done.  No big smiling picture of us on the courthouse steps; just an envelope from the clerk's office.  Another thing about weddings that is as big a deal as you make it.


  1. Personally, I found it really disturbing that both people did not have to be present and that you did not have to submit an ID. I feel like I could accidently be married to someone in Maryland and not know it!

  2. I was going to mention how strange it is that you were able to run down and do this by yourself. In our state of Cali (and most other states I know of) you have to BOTH go into the courthouse to sign in front of the clerk and confirm that you are not married or whatever. Funny.

    Our license was good for 3 months and we probably got it about 2 or 3 weeks before the wedding...but we didn't do the photo on the steps either.

  3. That's so weird that you can just have one person pick it up! In OH, both partners have to be present to swear/sign stuff, it cost $50, and it's only good for 60 days. We also had to give our parents names and our occupations, which surprised me.

  4. Wow, Maryland sounds very easy to get a marriage license. Good to hear that you've taken care of it without it ever making it to the list.

  5. It's a "license i.e. a permission for two people to get married. Until they sign it in front of the witnesses, there is no "marriage" When there is a marriage and the license is returned signed the state will issue a "certificate"
    The marriage is "valid" from the time of signature

  6. checking off the check list- very good thing!