Thursday, August 5, 2010

I get it now.

You know how bloggers you love write amazing blogs and then completely drop off the face of the earth shortly before their weddings?  We call it blog 'n run.  It's very obvious on Weddingbee, but some of my favorite bloggers who used to be commentors here stopped writing shortly before their weddings and never recapped, never returned to say, "we survived", nothing. 

I write a cooking blog I rarely update, so I understand that some people are just not that great at blogging.  Some of us want to write about weddings generally, not specifically.  But for the most part, now I understand. 

Last week, my life was still the Bar. 
(Like those? It's only half of my bar review books.)

Ever since we hit last Thursday, we are in full Wedding Mode.  If it's not being made, it's being ordered.  If it's not being constructed, it's being planned.  If it's not being assembled, it's being agonized over.  Things are happening and they are happening fast.  Part of this is because for the next six weeks, I'm volunteering on a campaign for state delegate in my home district, which is about an hour's drive. 

It's hard to keep up and keep writing and keep providing pictures.  And no matter how on top of your to-do list you are, there is always more to get done.  I don't feel overwhelmed, exactly, because there are sixty-something days left and the to-do list is relatively short.  However, I do feel concerned that most of my spare time will be spent thinking about the wedding, making decisions, and making things happen.  This is not a bad thing, but I now understand why people stop writing about it.  It just happens too fast. 

For example, centerpieces.  I thought we had a solution - use beer bottles, trim them, fill them with rocks and dead things.  Then I stalked the Ikea website, saw they had the Snortig vases in stock, and happened to be renting a truck and moving some stuff on Monday anyway.  This plan involved figuring out how to buy a flat of vases, but that was as complicated as it got.  Since they were less than a dollar apiece, it was a pretty easy decision.  Our vases are now sitting in our "wedding storage room" with 42 paper lanterns from Ikea.  I want to write about how I agonized over whether buying new vases was overconsumer-y of me.  I want to write about how I overthought paper lanterns.  However, I'm becoming very aware that it might not happen.

I also ordered the dried wheat and flowers to fill them.  Hopefully when they come in, I'll be able to get my act together and mock up and take pictures. This isn't my warning that I'll stop writing, simply a warning that you may not be kept in the loop with everything that is happening as it's happening; and also, a warning to those of you writing blogs.  Two months out, when you hit overwhelmed, you too will wonder how to possibly keep blogging.  However, other smartypants bloggers have been able to do it, so maybe we can too. 


  1. Just please please please post recaps post-wedding. I'd love to see all the pictures!

  2. yup. totally. I've come and gone and I think thats ok. If you blog and run, thats ok. Of course we'd all love to see recaps and photos, but I know that when this is done I'm going to have a hard time going over all of it. At least in a timely manner...
    Good luck!

  3. "I now understand why people stop writing about it. It just happens too fast."

    Exactly! I had so many thoughts and blog posts running through my head those last few weeks and days, and I just couldn't get it all done fast enough. And then it was over, and now I'm trying to do recaps... but it all takes more time than I imagined, when I was just commenting on other peoples' blogs. :P

  4. I'm in the exact same boat right now. I used to be able to write several posts a week; now I'm lucky if I find time to write one or two! It's just really time-consuming, and I need that time to, you know, actually PLAN the wedding :)

  5. I definitely worry about that. I mean, I still have a loooooong time, and I already imagine the week before, I won't even turn on the computer. But a big part of my blogging philosophy is to not let blogging interfere with my life regardless of the consequences. And I think as long as you do recaps, people will forgive you anyway.

  6. I know, I get it too now. I'm lucky if I squeak out 1-2 posts a week now. It's easy to post frequently when you're planning and still making decisions about things, but now I'm in full-on implementation mode and when I think about writing a blog post I'm like, this isn't even interesting. No one wants to hear about how I made 10 phone calls today to schedule appointments and verify things.

  7. i kinda did this! i have my first recap ALMOST done but i have too many pictures and weeding them out is taking forever!

  8. I am trying my best not to fall off the face of the earth. Not posting feels good, but also weird. And the amount of time I have to dedicate to other things is.... sweet. :D

    6 weeks! WOWEE!

  9. congratulations on completing the bar and having a lot more time on your hands! looks like it's all going to come together very quickly.

    my big post wedding goal is recap recap recap.. i always get so sad when I "follow" along with all the planning and never see how it turned out!

  10. You've got a lot on your plate. You are a wonder woman. If I do not get a daily blog post from Ellie, I will understand. But please do post some recaps when all is said and done! It will make me very very happy to hear how it all turned out.

  11. It bums me out as well when you see people suddenly stop blogging or commenting either right before or right after their wedding. I hate to admit, I have not been able to follow and comment on all the blogs as much as I used to. But I still try to catch up every few days if I fall behind. And I schedule blog posts weeks in advance so that when life does get overwhelmingly busy, I am not falling off the face of the earth with my recaps. But now that I am getting nearer to the end of them, I wonder if I will continue to blog once I finish them. I know I'll still follow fellow brides like yourself, but don't know how much I'll post. :)