Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I'm not stopping just cause it's starting to get ugly

Many thanks to Mouse for the title.  Like I said, things are happening fast around here.  The posts that you will be seeing over the next two months will be a combination of fresh posts, and slow posts that were written sometime in the last year but have recently been edited.  (It bothers Mark that we have 200 drafted posts, so he's urging me to put some of them up.)

What have we done lately?
-We got our marriage license.  Woo...
-We talked to somebody about wedding rings.  We have to get mine custom made and we're cutting the timeline close.  What will I do if I can't get one custom made?  (Or even if I do, for knock-around purposes - I'll get one of these rings, although it bums me out that I have to pay an extra $20 for my tiny fingers and that the smallest size I can get is a 5.)
-We mailed the invitations.  We rounded up the last of the addresses, and now I can finally write the invitations post! Stay tuned....
-We cleaned our apartment top-to-bottom.  I know this doesn't sound important, but trust me, keeping the apartment clean keeps fighting to a minimum, resulting in us remembering why we want to get married in the first place.
-I went to the dressmaker.  She is letting out all of the seams in my dress that doesn't fit and putting in a sweetheart neckline.  A note, to those of you having second thoughts about your dress.  Do not try you dress on in your cramped childhood bedroom with a crappy mirror and decide it looks terrible.  The problem is lighting and the mirror, all of which sunlight can solve.  For those of you needing a ballpark on how much alterations will cost if you buy a dress at ROTB that doesn't fit right? $450 including pressing.  I spent $500 on the dress, so I'm under my original budget of $1000 for a dress and I'm happy.  P.S. Do not forget to include the cost of pressing the dress.  P.P.S. I'm told cleaning it costs way more.  How do we feel about dry-eling a wedding dress?
-I panicked about our exploding guest list, and then I triaged the situation.  I crunched numbers on reception costs, rethought layout, and decided if we needed to do round centerpieces, I have enough vases left from my cousin's wedding to rig something up.
-I made quiche.

So as you can see, we are quite busy.


  1. hehe, quiche :)

    Things are happening fast for us too! Looking forward to reading all your posts.

  2. Yeah - it's major crunch time for us so life is beyond hectic. I can't wait to see all your updates though.

    Oh & I have about 200 drafts too so don't feel bad.

  3. ... just checked out your link to the pretty rings and they have size 4.5 available! I definitely have the opposite problem with my sz 8 (omgollys i knooooow) fingers :)