Thursday, September 30, 2010

Onto the Laundry!

So I'm off work until after the wedding - and I've only been working two days a week since the primary - which makes me feel lame.  People have asked what I am doing with my time now that the primary is over and the response, "planning a wedding!" sounds so silly.  I feel like a foolish little girl, rather than a grown woman who sacrificed everything she had for six weeks and is now frantically making it up.  Why yes, at my old job when we used to put on events that took considerably less effort than a wedding, our staff of three would devote weeks beforehand to arranging everything and executing the event.  But somehow, because this is a wedding and not a swanky feminist fundraiser, I feel lame.

So what have I been doing with my days off?  Running around, mostly.  I drive all over the place - down to the craft store, to the dressmaker's, to the printer's; today I'm headed to the liquor store, the frame shop, etc.  Then I come home, try to get organized, and keep writing thank-you notes, which I am woefully behind on.  I also try to keep on top of the housework - laundry, cooking, cleaning - because even though Mark usually does a lot of that, he's down in the basement working on his own pre-wedding projects that must get done.

Something I have learned in the past, with both moving and just really stressful periods is to recognize when you will be stressed, and "front load" chores like laundry and cleaning.  I also generally stock up on frozen/easy cook foods, eat off of napkins instead of dishes, etc.  It helps reduce stress a lot.  Also, do not be afraid to order takeout and get enough to have leftovers.  Services like TakeoutTaxi (which we used a lot for the campaign), although charging a crazy fee, will let you schedule a delivery time - so you can schedule dinner at 10am for 6:30.  Then dinner shows up just as you are thinking, "I am hungry".  Also make sure that you have filled all of your prescriptions, have adequate stock of things like soap and detergent and snack foods - things you will need but don't know that you need.  With the wedding, I suspect we will "shut down" the kitchen on Wednesday - which means no cooking through the end of the honeymoon.

What other advice do you have for reducing stress during high-stress or busy times?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things I didn't expect

We've all talked before about how weddings make us all crazy and whatnot.  You obsess over invitations or decor or whatever.  But there's a lot of stuff that nobody told me, so I'm telling you.

They don't talk about how the 12 days before a wedding make you go completely batsh*t nuts.  Decisions are paralyzing and the event is so close you cannot see the forest for the trees.  Even if all you have is time, none of it is enough time.  Everything seems weighted with so much importance, so many decisions to make, and you don't have time to talk to everyone and get the approval of the fiance and the parents and the attendants. You just have to go and hope it turns out okay, but not having the time to think over decisions makes them seem horrifying and makes me want to hide under the couch.

Also, nobody mentioned that I would start rethinking every decision that I made early on and second guessing everything.  My decision not to decorate the aisle? Totally to hell - I'm now obsessing over whether mums in baskets would be better or galvanized pails hanging off the shepherds hooks.  My decision to buy $200 of paper lanterns? Now I think that they are too much work, too much stress, and that it gets dark so fast now that if we aren't going to light them, I shouldn't even bother with them.  Plus, who is going to take them down???

I'm hoping to hit again that point of go-go-go decision making that I was in last week - everything just has to get done, so decide and move on! Or that point of not caring and just enjoying our family and friends who are in town.  Time for some deep breathing.

Monday, September 27, 2010

The Big Tent

I'm still waiting on some kind of confirmation, but our caterer has gotten our hopes up that we will be able to use The Big Tent that our venue is renting on Friday night and could leave up through the weekend.  
So we're going from this:

To this: 

The really good part is that we can fit everyone, since our final guest count was close to 160, it would have been a squeeze.  The good part is that the buffet can be in the smaller original tent, along with the cake, etc.; it also gives us a much better space if it's rainy.  It also means that things like the photobooth (oh, have we not told you about that yet ;)) will be in the tent with us, rather than crammed into the reception space.  

Sunday, September 26, 2010


I took an incredibly useful class in college called, "Controlling Stress and Tension".  I use this class more than any class I took in college, combined.  I learned all about stress, what causes stress, good stress, bad stress, etc. etc. etc.

This class got me through the bar exam and so far it's been very helpful with wedding planning.  There are two breathing exercises I like to indulge in when I get a chance.

1.) The Ten-Second Vacation - my favorite-ever professor taught us this before the bar exam.  Take a "10 second vacation" to get your breathing back under control and to get a grip on yourself.  It's shockingly helpful.

2.) Somatopsychic breathing - you know how some things are psychosomatic?  If you think them, they happen? This is the opposite.  If you breathe deeply, into your spine - really force the air into your stomach and try to feel it on your spine - it will relax you.  You really can force your body to do what you want and your mind will follow.  It sounds crazy, but it works.  Something about the extra-deep breathing interrupts the production of stress hormones or something and you feel calmer.  Give it a try.

Any other suggestions for getting through the last two weeks?

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Surely to their credit.

After I ordered about 12 Mother-of-the-Bride dresses for my mom and was tearing my hair out because nothing was quite right, my dad called me one Saturday while we were at the hardware store.
"Mom is trying on a dress that might do for the wedding." My dad said.  You have to understand, the last time I got this call, the dress that was being tried on in no circumstances was fit for the wedding.
"Describe it please." I said.
"I would describe it as a light burgundy with ruffles and beading on the top."
Light burgundy!?! They were instructed to find a cranberry color, a red, not a pink! What did light burgundy even mean? I thought immediately of mauve, a color I don't care for.  I thought my parents had completely misunderstood what I was looking for for my mom.
Well folks, I was wrong, and it is time to give credit where credit is due.  Check out my mom's totally awesome dress, in just right red with shutter pleats (aka ruffles) and elegant beading:
I love this dress, and more importantly, my mom loves it.  It looks really good on her and is just the right color and formalness for our wedding.  Plus it matches silver shoes she already owns.  So it's all kinds of win.
I'm going to get her some kind of wrap to go with it, once we have the extra bits from the hem so I can match them.  I think it will also look good with her burgundy flower corsage.

What do you think? Did my parents do well or what?

Friday, September 24, 2010

DIY details

Check out our table numbers!  Mark's sister cut them out on her cricut and I've been attaching them to card stock.  They are not quite as easy as just printing numbers would have been, but they look pretty snazzy.   The hardest part is remembering which direction each number goes in so I can glue them down properly.

Real Weddings: Heather and Matt's invitations

Matt is Mark's college roommate and a really great person.  When he met Heather, I think my first words about her were, "marry her, marry her NOW".  Heather is awesome.  She is the first one out on the dance floor with me at every wedding that we've been to, she paints, she's all kinds of smart (they met doing an MD-Ph.D program).  Matt and Heather also took me in when I moved to Ann Arbor last summer, and all of last summer I kept thinking, "geez, is Matt an idiot? He needs to propose already!"  So when we got the call last fall that they were getting married, I was so excited.  Plus, we get to go to a destination wedding on Cape Cod this weekend, and although originally I felt stressed about it, I've decided that everybody should get to take a pre-wedding vacation like this one.  Plus, Mark is in the wedding and man does he look good in his tux.  

We got their invitations shortly before the bar exam and they are by Wedding Paper Divas.  I love how simple and pretty they are, without being excessively girly.  I'm so excited for this wedding!  

Thanks, Matt and Heather, for letting me share your invites!  

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seamstress update

After all the b*tching I did about the seamstress, I rescheduled for 2pm today and then 2pm hit just as I was unloading our favors* and OOT supplies from the car at our apartment, 40 minutes away from the seamstress' shop.  Whose the flake now?

Anyway, I frantically called and she said it was fine if I was late, as long as it wasn't more than an hour late.  I hauled myself down to Olney and she handed me my dress.  I was pleased that she had only taken the seams out under the arms, where it doesn't really show, and not all the way around the dress.  I was even more pleased when I put the dress on and she zipped it up.  I let out a sigh of relief - the scale batteries died, so I don't know if I actually lost the full 5lbs I said that I would, so this was the telling point.

The dress fit but the top still didn't work right.  She did some more pinning and created the sweetheart neckline I had asked her to, and I finally looked at myself and smiled.  It looked right.  It looked good.  It looked how I had imagined that it would look.

She got to work pinning the hem and the bustle and I got to work playing with my jewelery and fancy new headband**.  None of the stuff that I had expected to wear worked, which would leave normal people who did not blatantly steal*** from their mother's jewelry stash in a tizzy.  However, I had a number of spare necklaces, so I just kept trying things on and eventually found one that worked, other than it being a bit too long.  I have to go back to my mom's drawers to raid for earrings that match though.  Also, because I'm sure you were wondering, my veil looks awesome.

*I went with Lindor truffles.  It was $30 for 150 of them from Costco, although they are not in "our" colors, I ceased caring about things like that sometime last week.  
**At least two people have made comments about the headband in a "I'm not telling you what to wear on your head but you shouldn't wear that" kind of way, so I'm having second thoughts...but you guys, I look like a princess!
***I mean borrow. 


When my sister got married, the seamstress at the bridal shop treated her like crap and told her that everything that was wrong with her dress was in her head and she was just acting crazy.  Not wanting to have a similar experience, I decided to have my dress altered by a woman who I met when my sister was dress hunting who I really liked.  I wanted to go with somebody who I thought would respect me and treat me well as well as doing a good job with my dress.

Last Friday was my second fitting.  As I was getting ready to leave, my father called to say that he called the shop for directions (since my mom was going to come with me) and the seamstress had no recollection of our appointment.  I immediately called to figure out what was happening and was told that she hadn't written down the appointment in her book, so she had forgotten it.  Since this is the kind of thing that occasionally happens (and happens a lot to me), I let it go and rescheduled for Wednesday.

Last night we arrived at the shop and it was closed.  I called the number on the door and she said, "I had you down for next Wednesday."  I flipped out.  What bride would schedule her second (NOT FINAL) fitting for a week and a half before her wedding?  The dress still needs a hem and the neckline has to be changed.  The seamstress apologized profusely and I scheduled an appointment for today.  She assured me that she would not leave the shop until I came by, and that she would be there whenever I came in.

Nonetheless, I feel really frustrated.  I didn't really have two hours to waste driving out to Olney today and yesterday, and I'm very worried about getting my dress back in time because if this woman can't handle scheduling appointments, I'm not going to be able to.

Also, what the hell would I do if I had a real job where I couldn't run off in the middle of the day and go to fittings?  I mean, seriously - our evenings are booked up through next week, and just because somebody is getting married doesn't mean they have unlimited time during the day to deal with stuff like this.

Have you experienced any unexpected frustrations or disappointments with vendors?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Trust is a powerful and important part of planning a wedding.  You must trust the people you love.  You must stop micromanaging everything, or you will have much less fun than we are having.  I totally trust our vendors - every bite of everything we have had from our caterer is amazing, every photo from our photographer is stunning, the flowers I've seen by our florist are fabulous, and the cakes our baker makes are delicious.  I trust these people. But I also trust our people.

Our people - like my cousin's wife, who made my bridesmaids amazing sashes that look just like the ones from the bridal shop at half the price; like my future mother-in-law, who I finally relinquished the table runner fabric to so that the table runners will actually get, y'know, done.  I realize that I believe that putting my own personal touches on this wedding are appealing, but not being a major stress case before the wedding is way more appealing.  So I delegated.  And am continuing to delegate.

I also trust people now when they tell me how I will feel.  My cousin refused to let me come into the campaign office the week before the wedding, saying that from what she remembered about getting married, there was so much last-minute to-do stuff that she didn't realize needed to be done, and that I would need the time.  I didn't try to argue, I just agreed.  My sister warned me that the wedding day 5k might not go too well because I'll be tired from last minute tasks.  I am taking this into account, and if I can't run, or can't run very fast, I will not push myself and risk hurting myself.

Who do you trust in your wedding planning?  Are you delegating to the people you trust?

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Registry Stalking

I really thought I would love having a registry.  I (we) could ask for what we really needed, and people wouldn't have to think too hard, we wouldn't get 12 toasters and our plates would all match.  I am glad that we registered.

However, I don't really like having a registry.  I am a person who enjoys gift surprises - I don't peek at Christmas gifts and I don't give or request hints.  Registries are bad for people who like surprises.  For example,, our alternative registry, e-mailed me last week to tell me that a gift was purchased off our our registry.  That's not fun!  I mean, unless the food processor is included in the e-mail, don't tell me what we got before we actually receive the gift.  I have since turned this feature off.

I know, you are probably thinking, "But you registered! You know what all of these gifts are! There are no surprises!"  It's true, but we registered for more gifts than guests - not because we are greedy, but because we wanted people to have choices.  We registered for things we need and things that are just fun.  We registered at a wide variety of price points and at several separate stores. This results in a lot of possible items that people could purchase for us.  But I don't want to know what they are! I love opening the boxes and seeing what it is and guessing based on the size.

I also find myself reducing the items from our registry - mostly because I now feel like we have asked for too much.  It makes me feel guilty.  These are all feelings I did not expect to have, but I have nonetheless.  Also, I was totally unprepared for what off-registry gift showed up last week:
I refused to put a KitchenAid on our registry because I think that a lot of people register for them because they "want to learn to cook" or because they look good.  It is a consumerist culture that bothers me.  But think of all the meringues I can make at Christmas! Also, I actually cook - so I don't need to feel guilty about keeping it, right?

Monday, September 20, 2010

Our Invitations

When we first got engaged, I searched high and low for invitations that suited our wedding, filled me with joy, were inexpensive, and weren't too girly.  It was slow going for awhile, and then this happened.

I entered the contest and then something amazing happened.  It wasn't me winning, but the design that Kimi came up with for the winner was exactly what I had been looking for.  And, lucky us, it was going to be available on the main website.

I only had one concern about the invitation, which was that my hyphenated last name wouldn't fit between the trees.  Kimi, who is amazing, reassured me that it would be okay.  So we picked wording and ordered the invitations.  Then we got them printed and assembled them.

So here is the finished product (printed on recycled linen paper, which gave them a really professional look):
Some more detailing of the trees, which have our initials carved in them: 
And then you flip them over:
Why yes, I did make pocketfolds.  When you do them this way, they are super-easy and only take 2 hours.

I bought a grass stamp at Michaels and we used the same ink pad from our Save the Dates.  My sister lovingly stamped all of these and they look pretty good.  

Mark and I put together the directions card and then Mark put together this beautiful map for our guests:
The hotel sent us business cards with the room block information, which we included as well - the font was close enough that I didn't worry about it, and just stuck them in.

The only downside? I highly recommend using rubber cement and gluelines, because after 2 months of sitting in our apartment, our invites looked like this -
I re-glued them before we mailed them, but this is Mark's parents as it is sitting on their fridge.  I'm not going to worry about it.  In addition, several of the invitations were cut poorly (damn Staples!) and several more were off-center on the blue cardstock backing.  Hopefully I'll be back soon with some details on the lazy/poor couple's pocketfolds and also show off our rehearsal dinner invites, which are spectacular.

I will say, I've seen a lot of invites since we ordered ours, but nothing else has seemed quite so perfect.  There are people who hazard against DIY invites, but truthfully, if you aren't a perfectionist and you have enough good people who have your back, it's pretty easy.

Friday, September 17, 2010


So I came home on Wednesday night, after the election was over and the cleanup had started (btw, we won), and realized holycrapwearegettingmarriedinthreeweeks.  I feel kind of like I feel when I finish eating a bagel and ate the last bite before I thought about it and thus did not savor the last bite properly.  I foolishly ignored our wedding for six weeks and I can't ever get that time back.  That is time I could have spent crafting and watching Veronica Mars.  However, I spent my time campaigning instead - and yes, the campaign is incredibly important. If you live in District 16, you probably understand why.  At the time, I had no regrets.  But now that it is over, I see what Mark was trying to tell me all along - I missed out.

So I am determined not to miss out more.  I'm also determined to do all of those things I wanted to do early on - not the stupid things, like make napkin rings, but the smart things, like buy a sweater.  But I need your help, because I have not been obsessively shopping online lately and I have not been reading the blogs!!!  So please, tell me:

1) Where can I find a cute white sweater/shrug type thing? Just in case it gets chilly?  Max of $40 please.  It occurs to me that I could just buy a wrap when I go to buy one for my mom.  For like, $20.  Why do weddings make us stupid?

2) I need foundation.  And mascara.  Name a good waterproof mascara that won't make my eyes feel sticky. Less than $15 please.

3) If I get a gel manicure next Friday, will it last until the wedding two weeks later? I'm lazy and cheap.

4) Is getting a facial three weeks before the wedding when I have sensitive skin a good idea?

5) How can I lose 5lbs in 6 hours? My next dress fitting is tonight and campaign life is not easy for the waistline!!!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh letterpress

These are not our invitations.  They sit next to our invitations in the campaign office/my cousin's house.  I love our invitations dearly, but they are not the professional letterpressed invites that they sit next to. (Although, it's not like these guys make ours look *that* shabby. Only a little shabby.)  I asked my cousin to ask her friend if I could blog them because I love them so much, and she said yes.  They get married this weekend, and I hope they have a great wedding.

I love the varied fonts, the super-professional look of the letterpress, and the "Dinner and revelry immediately following".  I'm excited for this wedding and I've never met these people!
Also, note the proper way to word an RSVP request.  I saw this right before we sent our invites and almost reworded ours to match - I love the "or drop us a line" option, especially because we got so many nice notes!

That being said, I'm still pretty confident that letterpress was not the way for us to go.  The $300 we saved by not using a letterpress printer is going to go a long way towards renting an extra tent* for all those lovely people who made time in their lives to come watch us get married.

Did you splurge on letterpress invites or go with a more wallet-friendly option?

*We're not sure if this is necessary.  Our RSVP deadline is Sunday.  So far, like, 6 people aren't coming.  

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shower Gifts

Last spring, I had the good fortune to be invited to three bridal showers.  Unfortunately, all were on days I couldn't go to.  One of them was on the same day as my half marathon, one was on the same day as a wedding, one was on the same day as a family thing.  So I sent gifts.

The thing was though, two of the showers were for people who I don't know *that* well.  Like, I know them well enough to know what kinds of things they might like or use, but I had no idea whether they owned those things.  I wondered what to get, and finally hit upon something I firmly believe that you can't have too many of.

I received two shower invites on the same day, so I ordered two of the same robe, one in navy, one in green. When they arrived, frankly, I liked them so much, I kept the green one.  :)  This was actually a good thing, because I wound up ordering a similar robe for my other friend, and at the last minute chose to monogram her new "married" initials on it, which was a gesture she appreciated from me (since I tried to talk her out of hyphenating).  
The last time I went to one of their homes, I was thrilled to see the bathrobe hanging on the back of her bathroom door.  I love it when gifts get used, and when going off-registry doesn't result in somebody having too many of something they never wanted it in the first place.  

What off-registry gifts do you like to get?

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Guestbook Ideas

So I know I've said that guest books are silly, and they generally are, because it's like writing in a high school yearbook.  But I am a fan of the idea of having a record of who was there, like having people all sign a certificate or a tree or something else.  Particularly for things like bridal showers or engagement parties.  But I'm an even bigger fan of useful things, so I love stuff that combines both worlds:
I saw this mug at Starbucks the other day and thought it would be cute for a shower or small wedding.

Then there is the guestbook platter, which is a cool idea (and I think Carla is using something similar)

I've also seen the guestbook bench that Mrs. Apple Cider did (but we don't have any place for a bench - but a guestbook coffee table could be cool).  What other fun/functional guest book ideas have you seen?

Monday, September 13, 2010

The game is afoot!

Well, we talked over doing a 5k and I was convinced that we should do one on Saturday instead of Sunday.  I was convinced of this for two reasons:

  • There are only 2 5ks in the area that weekend and the Sunday one is at 9am, which means that getting our hair done will be really rushed.  
  • If we got 15 people to participate in the Saturday Race, we get matching team t-shirts!!!!
So we picked this race and signed up.  Mark sent out an evite to let people know and get them excited and it's working!!! My sister and I even put it in our Daily Mile accounts so we are extra-excited.  I even bought a white tank-top that I'll be wearing with my white shorts and a veil-hat to look extra wedding-y.  Several members of our bridal party are now training and keep telling us how excited they are - and our photographer is going to run it too!!!!

Now we just need to get Mark a tuxedo under-armor shirt and perhaps a top-hat that will stay on.  

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sometime last month, Mouse had a giveaway of tissue paper poms.  She made us enter by saying how we would use tissue paper poms.  I didn't win, but I was convinced that tissue paper poms would be a lovely and inexpensive way to dress up the reception hall.
So I found the tutorial and some tissue paper and I did a few test poms and love the way they look.  I tested using 20x26 sheets of tissue paper and was pretty happy with the result, which means I just bought tissue paper at Target (shhhh...I know about the boycott, but it is the only place open at 8am on a Sunday and I now leave work at 11pm so normal shopping is out) instead of special ordering the tissue paper.  Now I just have to figure out where I put my wire clippers.
I decided I like the poms with the rounded tips better.
Are you making poms? Do you have pom & paper lantern inspiration pictures for me? How many poms should I make? Right now I have two.  Think I'll need more?

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Another casualty of time and bands.  We spent a couple of evenings getting quotes from jewelers for custom bands - a cradle ring to go with Ellie's oddly shaped band, and a band for me with a cut pattern that would be a squarer version of the pattern in her ring.  Two different jewelers gave us about the same price for the work, which was way more than we'd planned on spending - in fact, wedding bands are one of those items that didn't ever make it into the budget, so officially we weren't planning on spending anything on them. (It should be noted that Ellie wasn't originally planning on getting a wedding band, but we have since decided she should have one.)
To make it worse, we're now just 5 weeks away from the wedding (scary).  So, this weekend while Ellie was home, we went back to Morstein's to talk to them about rings.  Ellie chose a simple half-round band, narrow enough to work with her engagement ring (2mm palladium).  I picked out a pretty basic titanium ring - the same general shape that I'd always pictured, but I gave up on the cut design (as it happened, they had a ring in their display case, engraved with a vaguely similar pattern, and it turned out I didn't particularly like it).

So, we may not have the custom rings we initially pictured, but we only spent a quarter of what we would have for custom work, and it's yet another item crossed off the never-ending list!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


In May, we signed a lease on a brand new, massive, fabulous apartment that was a few blocks north of our current place and we moved in in July.  It's huge and awesome.  The downside?  It's more expensive and I don't have a "real" job, and I'm not sure if I'll have a job after the primary until I get results, which means I could be unemployed from September to December.

Before we signed the lease, we sat down to talk through our finances and figure out whether we could afford the hefty price tag that came with the place.  (It's not that bad.  It's not like it's doubling in cost.  And our old place was so reasonable.  But it's not cheaper than our old space.)

We talked about how much I spend on clothing, the gym, races, hockey, and other things that cost money.  (Yes, my finances were in question here because see above, I am not making any money, and we were talking about whether we could do this on one income.)  I plan to cut these things if I don't have a job, because I refuse to spend Mark's hard earned money on shoes and fun stuff for me to do.

There was one area we refused to cut though - food.  Not going out to eat, because we don't do a lot of that anyway.  But the way we spend money on food now is somewhat expensive.  We have, in the last six months, shifted to buying mostly organic foods, mostly local produce when we can get it, and living in a socially conscious way that costs a little bit more money.  When we talked though, we both agreed that we really like the way we are eating and shopping now.
(This is where we get most of our food now, cuz I think Whole Foods is for posers and also because the Columbia location is usually on our way home but Whole Foods involves sitting on Lombard Street.)

So the food is staying.  I'm not sure if we were prompted to eat and buy more locally because of what we learned about sustainable foods in our search for a caterer, or if this was just a gradual progression of our weekly farmer's markets visits.  Or if it's because the Shoppers in Federal Hill is terrible.*  

The big thing that we did that makes it easier to stomach a more expensive apartment is that, for the foreseeable future, we are sharing a car.  This is a big deal, and something that we have been wanting to do for a long time. We've held off because well, I couldn't drive stick.  Not that I didn't know how - I literally couldn't handle it.  When we sold my car though**, we decided to commit to trying car-sharing out.  I learned to drive stick well enough to be able to practice, and Mark learned to be quiet and let me "drive".  This has taken considerable sacrifice on both of our parts, but is both an eco-friendly and budget-friendly way to work things out for now.  If I do get a job in the fall, we may have to purchase a second car, but I will have a job, so it won't feel like as much of a financial strain.  

It doesn't strike me (hey, you're still reading, that's pretty cool) as much of a coincidence that these two decisions we have made came as we were wedding-planning, feeling more like a partnership than ever, and also as we are making conscious decisions to put our money where our mouth is and live in a way that works for us and for our values.  I don't think we would have been able to car-share if we weren't engaged (in fact, I know, because I told Mark I wasn't giving up my car until we were engaged), and I think making the right decisions for our health and the environment food-wise is a sign that we are growing as a couple and committing to things together in a way we didn't used to.  

Has your wedding prompted you to make any major decisions about your lifestyle?  

*You hear that, Shoppers?  You are so awful that you are DRIVING PEOPLE OUT OF THE CITY TO BUY FOOD!!!!
**Thanks again, Dad!  You guys, my Dad cleaned out, took through inspection, and sold my car for me so I didn't have to worry about it while I finished out the semester.  How cool is that?