Monday, September 27, 2010

The Big Tent

I'm still waiting on some kind of confirmation, but our caterer has gotten our hopes up that we will be able to use The Big Tent that our venue is renting on Friday night and could leave up through the weekend.  
So we're going from this:

To this: 

The really good part is that we can fit everyone, since our final guest count was close to 160, it would have been a squeeze.  The good part is that the buffet can be in the smaller original tent, along with the cake, etc.; it also gives us a much better space if it's rainy.  It also means that things like the photobooth (oh, have we not told you about that yet ;)) will be in the tent with us, rather than crammed into the reception space.  


  1. That would be awesome! I'll send good thoughts that the big tent works out.

  2. That is some intense tenting right there. Me likey.