Thursday, September 16, 2010

Oh letterpress

These are not our invitations.  They sit next to our invitations in the campaign office/my cousin's house.  I love our invitations dearly, but they are not the professional letterpressed invites that they sit next to. (Although, it's not like these guys make ours look *that* shabby. Only a little shabby.)  I asked my cousin to ask her friend if I could blog them because I love them so much, and she said yes.  They get married this weekend, and I hope they have a great wedding.

I love the varied fonts, the super-professional look of the letterpress, and the "Dinner and revelry immediately following".  I'm excited for this wedding and I've never met these people!
Also, note the proper way to word an RSVP request.  I saw this right before we sent our invites and almost reworded ours to match - I love the "or drop us a line" option, especially because we got so many nice notes!

That being said, I'm still pretty confident that letterpress was not the way for us to go.  The $300 we saved by not using a letterpress printer is going to go a long way towards renting an extra tent* for all those lovely people who made time in their lives to come watch us get married.

Did you splurge on letterpress invites or go with a more wallet-friendly option?

*We're not sure if this is necessary.  Our RSVP deadline is Sunday.  So far, like, 6 people aren't coming.  


  1. I love everything about these. I can see these on a dark emerald paper with an understated vineyard, oh my gosh. These make me so excited! Thanks for showcasing them!

  2. Sigh, so pretty! I tried to fit letterpress into our budget by going with a new-ish printer on Etsy. It was, to put it mildly, a disaster. The invitations were nice (not fabulous, but nice), but the printer herself was a disorganized, deadline-missing train wreck who eventually got kicked off of Etsy because so many customers never even got their orders! I consider myself lucky that we actually got our invitations at all.

    I know it's dumb, but a year later I still regret that whole saga. It caused me and my husband so much stress! I wish I'd either gone with a really nice flat-print set (and saved some $), or that I'd bitten the bullet, admitted that I really wanted letterpress, and spent the money to get someone reliable to do it.