Friday, September 17, 2010


So I came home on Wednesday night, after the election was over and the cleanup had started (btw, we won), and realized holycrapwearegettingmarriedinthreeweeks.  I feel kind of like I feel when I finish eating a bagel and ate the last bite before I thought about it and thus did not savor the last bite properly.  I foolishly ignored our wedding for six weeks and I can't ever get that time back.  That is time I could have spent crafting and watching Veronica Mars.  However, I spent my time campaigning instead - and yes, the campaign is incredibly important. If you live in District 16, you probably understand why.  At the time, I had no regrets.  But now that it is over, I see what Mark was trying to tell me all along - I missed out.

So I am determined not to miss out more.  I'm also determined to do all of those things I wanted to do early on - not the stupid things, like make napkin rings, but the smart things, like buy a sweater.  But I need your help, because I have not been obsessively shopping online lately and I have not been reading the blogs!!!  So please, tell me:

1) Where can I find a cute white sweater/shrug type thing? Just in case it gets chilly?  Max of $40 please.  It occurs to me that I could just buy a wrap when I go to buy one for my mom.  For like, $20.  Why do weddings make us stupid?

2) I need foundation.  And mascara.  Name a good waterproof mascara that won't make my eyes feel sticky. Less than $15 please.

3) If I get a gel manicure next Friday, will it last until the wedding two weeks later? I'm lazy and cheap.

4) Is getting a facial three weeks before the wedding when I have sensitive skin a good idea?

5) How can I lose 5lbs in 6 hours? My next dress fitting is tonight and campaign life is not easy for the waistline!!!


  1. 1) White sweaters may be tough to find this time of year, but check clearance racks! Try Target and TJMaxx - they always have cute little sweaters (not bulky ones, more like shrugs).

    2) I like Maybelline "Full 'N Soft" waterproof mascara. Cheap, not clumpy or sticky. It's more of an enhanced-but-still-natural look, though - so depends on how much drama you want. ;)

    3) I have no idea re: manicures. The last one I got was when I was 6.

    4) Hmm. 3 weeks = prob. okay. 2 = prob. not. Just guessing, though.

    5) shave your head. ;) sorry, got nothing for ya here. Hope it fits as is, though!

  2. 1. Etsy.[0]=handmade&includes[]=tags&includes[]=title&min=0&max=40

    Though I do like the idea of getting one at the same time you get your mom's.

    2. Maybelline Great Lash mascara ... you know, the pink tube. It's GREAT, and cheap.

    3. I vote no. My nails grow slowly and you can totally see the line after 2 weeks. I'd say one week out at most. At MOST. (I had mine done 3 days before my wedding.)

    4. I'm not sure here ... but with three weeks, if something goes wrong, you have time to heal.

    5. Wishes and prayers, and faith in your seamstress. =)

  3. All I can help with is the weight, and the only chance you've got is probably to not eat anything. At all. Which I would not normally recommend, but if it's just this once, you'll live. Drink lots of water though! But stop 1 hour before your fitting.

  4. I can really only chime in on the mascara bit, so that being said, I would totally go for Cover Girl's Waterproof Fantastic Lash. It NEVER flakes, you can go as minimal or dramatic as you'd like, it doesn't clump up at all, and it doesn't take paint thinner to remove it.

  5. The only part I have help on is the makeup - I have spent WAY too many hours googling, reading other bridal blogs, and playing dress-up in Sephora, because I don't usually wear much and didn't want to mess it up.

    Mascara - I read a review that said CoverGirl LashBlast waterproof mascara (in the orange tube) a makeup artist favorite, second only to Dior. It won't come off for anything, buy real eye makeup remover. I've been "practicing" wedding makeup and people keep asking me if I have on fake lashes.

    Foundation - Splurge for Makeup For Ever HD Foundation (~$40, Sephora). It's what TV anchors wear now that everyone is examining their pores on 50" TVs. It's actually waterproof, but feels amazing on. They also have a moisturizer/ primer/ powder travel package I bought for less than a full-size powder that give the whole thing all-day staying power without feeling gross.

    Bonus Extras: CoverGirl Liquiline Blast eyeliner pencil goes on so smoothly, I've never had anything like it. I read a review and went for it, can't live without it now. Also, Lorac shimmering eyeshadows have this awesome gentle metallic to them, and they stay on all day, no creases.

    Mouse over at did a ton of reviews, worth a read, type Makeup in the top left search box.

    Good luck!

    PS - the girl at Sephora said they're now doing "special occasion makeup appointments" and all you have to do is buy $50 in products, which your Makeup For Ever and an eyeshadow will do. I would have done that but wanted to try the makeup for a while in advance.

  6. Hey, the gel manicure will probably last for 2 weeks but the regrowth will be very obvious by then even if you get a natural colour or French done......I'd recommend getting it done nearer the time!

  7. For mascara, I used Maybelline XXL Pro Volume Waterproof for my wedding. For foundation, have you tried Bare Minerals? I was a total skeptic until a friend turned me onto it and it is amazing. As for the two week manicure, sorry, but it will never last that long without peeling/chipping. Good luck on the shrug and the weight! I'm sure everything will come together and be gorgeous!

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  9. A manicure will not last that long. It is one thing I would do at the last minute because they chip easily and your nails grow out fast. You can always go a cheap one a couple days before the wedding. It would be a good way to destress.

  10. If it's not too late I say NO to the facial. They always make me break out for weeks afterwards.

    Also three weeks!!!! How exciting. Hope you're not feeling too stressed.

  11. I also need a white coat to wear at my wedding in 3 1/2 weeks. Several weeks earlier, I went around the malls to look for a nice one, but without success, as the suitable ones were too expensive for my budget, and the cheaper ones were not suitable for a bride. So what did I do? I looked in eBay! It's a much easier place to look. I got two: a thick furry one for less than $30 (inc. shipping) and a lighter cardigan-like thing for less than $15. I highly recommend looking in there. :-)

  12. 1. Old Navy has tons of cute cardigans right now, and they are also currently on sale for $20.

    2. I second (third?) the votes for CoverGirl LashBlast. It lasts forever, and it's not thick or hard or clumpy.

    3. The gel nails last forever, but personally I would avoid it. My friend got one and in order to take it off (2+ weeks later) they had to put a polish-remover-soaked cotton ball on each nail, wrap it in foil, and leave it sit for 15 minutes. Her fingers burned for like 4 hours afterwards. Not. Cool.

    4. I would be ok getting a facial 3 weeks out, but my skin is not at all sensitive. If your skin reacts to things, I would avoid it.

  13. I'm almost 100% sure I saw some white sweaters when browsing at today.

  14. I've used Avon Waterproof Mascara. I made it through my mother's funeral without it running down my face, so it'll definitely stay put.