Thursday, September 30, 2010

Onto the Laundry!

So I'm off work until after the wedding - and I've only been working two days a week since the primary - which makes me feel lame.  People have asked what I am doing with my time now that the primary is over and the response, "planning a wedding!" sounds so silly.  I feel like a foolish little girl, rather than a grown woman who sacrificed everything she had for six weeks and is now frantically making it up.  Why yes, at my old job when we used to put on events that took considerably less effort than a wedding, our staff of three would devote weeks beforehand to arranging everything and executing the event.  But somehow, because this is a wedding and not a swanky feminist fundraiser, I feel lame.

So what have I been doing with my days off?  Running around, mostly.  I drive all over the place - down to the craft store, to the dressmaker's, to the printer's; today I'm headed to the liquor store, the frame shop, etc.  Then I come home, try to get organized, and keep writing thank-you notes, which I am woefully behind on.  I also try to keep on top of the housework - laundry, cooking, cleaning - because even though Mark usually does a lot of that, he's down in the basement working on his own pre-wedding projects that must get done.

Something I have learned in the past, with both moving and just really stressful periods is to recognize when you will be stressed, and "front load" chores like laundry and cleaning.  I also generally stock up on frozen/easy cook foods, eat off of napkins instead of dishes, etc.  It helps reduce stress a lot.  Also, do not be afraid to order takeout and get enough to have leftovers.  Services like TakeoutTaxi (which we used a lot for the campaign), although charging a crazy fee, will let you schedule a delivery time - so you can schedule dinner at 10am for 6:30.  Then dinner shows up just as you are thinking, "I am hungry".  Also make sure that you have filled all of your prescriptions, have adequate stock of things like soap and detergent and snack foods - things you will need but don't know that you need.  With the wedding, I suspect we will "shut down" the kitchen on Wednesday - which means no cooking through the end of the honeymoon.

What other advice do you have for reducing stress during high-stress or busy times?

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  1. Grown adults know about stocking up on frozen meals, prescriptions, etc. before big stressful events, not foolish girls. Just because you are in between jobs right now, doesn't mean that you should feel guilty for devoting your time to the wedding. You have a luxury most couples don't in the lead up to their day. You have to get done, what you have to get done.