Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Sometime last month, Mouse had a giveaway of tissue paper poms.  She made us enter by saying how we would use tissue paper poms.  I didn't win, but I was convinced that tissue paper poms would be a lovely and inexpensive way to dress up the reception hall.
So I found the tutorial and some tissue paper and I did a few test poms and love the way they look.  I tested using 20x26 sheets of tissue paper and was pretty happy with the result, which means I just bought tissue paper at Target (shhhh...I know about the boycott, but it is the only place open at 8am on a Sunday and I now leave work at 11pm so normal shopping is out) instead of special ordering the tissue paper.  Now I just have to figure out where I put my wire clippers.
I decided I like the poms with the rounded tips better.
Are you making poms? Do you have pom & paper lantern inspiration pictures for me? How many poms should I make? Right now I have two.  Think I'll need more?


  1. You have two?! Hehe, oh you might need a few more. How big is your hall? But it looks great. I like the rounded tips (there's a dirty joke in the somewhere).

  2. Rounded tips are the best!

    Now I really want to make some!

  3. My first pom pom sighting was here and I was going to do them as well but after a slight colour scheme change decided they wouldn't work but might be doing flags instead if I can get over how odd it sounds.

    I think the round ones are better too :)

  4. I decided that I didn't want to mess with real flower centerpieces, so we're using yellow poms (start with 6-8 sheets of 5"x7" tissue, wrap with wire stems from craft store).

    These are our centerpieces:

    Yes, that is a session beer bottle with a ribbon.

    Here they are en masse waiting for the big day:

    I love the big ones, not sure if we have a place for them, but yours look great!


  5. We used poms. I didn't hang any of them; I threw them on the dancefloor (boy, did the kids love those!), and put them on tables that weren't having food on them. They were pretty pops of color and everyone loved them. :)