Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Registry Stalking

I really thought I would love having a registry.  I (we) could ask for what we really needed, and people wouldn't have to think too hard, we wouldn't get 12 toasters and our plates would all match.  I am glad that we registered.

However, I don't really like having a registry.  I am a person who enjoys gift surprises - I don't peek at Christmas gifts and I don't give or request hints.  Registries are bad for people who like surprises.  For example, myregistry.com, our alternative registry, e-mailed me last week to tell me that a gift was purchased off our our registry.  That's not fun!  I mean, unless the food processor is included in the e-mail, don't tell me what we got before we actually receive the gift.  I have since turned this feature off.

I know, you are probably thinking, "But you registered! You know what all of these gifts are! There are no surprises!"  It's true, but we registered for more gifts than guests - not because we are greedy, but because we wanted people to have choices.  We registered for things we need and things that are just fun.  We registered at a wide variety of price points and at several separate stores. This results in a lot of possible items that people could purchase for us.  But I don't want to know what they are! I love opening the boxes and seeing what it is and guessing based on the size.

I also find myself reducing the items from our registry - mostly because I now feel like we have asked for too much.  It makes me feel guilty.  These are all feelings I did not expect to have, but I have nonetheless.  Also, I was totally unprepared for what off-registry gift showed up last week:
I refused to put a KitchenAid on our registry because I think that a lot of people register for them because they "want to learn to cook" or because they look good.  It is a consumerist culture that bothers me.  But think of all the meringues I can make at Christmas! Also, I actually cook - so I don't need to feel guilty about keeping it, right?


  1. My KitchenAid stand mixer is my favorite kitchen appliance. I love to bake and this thing makes whipping up a batch of cookies or bread or whatever so easy. Do not feel guilty! I know you like to cook so just enjoy getting to know the mixer and you will quickly fall in love. :-)

  2. Must keep!

    If you will use it, must keep!

    Registries are stressful.

    Please may I have a meringue?

  3. The Original MargaretSeptember 21, 2010 at 12:50 PM

    mmmm meringues :-) Mark and I had better be allowed to eat those!

  4. I know, I struggled with this too. Our BB&B registry is a little insane but like you I wanted to make sure people had plenty to choose from.

    I didn't get the mixer and I'm kinda bummed about it. My kitchen is Christmas cookie central, so I'll def. use it. I didn't realize how "hot" they kitchen-aids were until I entered blog-land. I've always wanted my own. My mother uses hers ALL the time & it's just very old-fashioned and homey to me. I might return some other things and get it.

  5. keep it, keep it, keep it!

    I really wanted to add one to our gift list but as I never bake and it was for purely aesthetic reasons I held back and instead asked for a pair of antlers...

  6. of course keep it and don't feel guilty. it's awesome. we use ours almost daily. and since you already enjoy cooking, it will certainly be used - as I'm sure the gift giver suspected.

  7. I have a love/hate relationship with registries. On the one hand, I like asking for things that I'll actually use, and though I enjoy thoughtful gifts, I despise useless gifts or getting 50 more wine glasses (we seriously already have about 30). For the people who don't know you too well, I think registries are great.

    On the other hand, we move a lot, and that probably will not stop anytime soon. Accumulating a lot of stuff is not an option right now. So we're not going to register for way more stuff than we need, and we're not going to register for anything that we don't actually want (because I WILL control the scan gun). And we're doing a honeymoon registry along with the normal one because a vacation is something we will be very happy to use.

  8. I think registries are fine. I personally would hate to think of what to get someone. Usually I give cash but where's the fun in that? You're helping out your guests more than you know. Also, not sure if you know, but I'm pretty sure that feature is completely optional on myregistry.com and you'll only receive emails about purchases if you turn the feature on. We turned ours off for our wedding this past summer just to preserve a reasonable degree of surprise. :)

  9. Kitchen Aids are amazing! I have one in empire red :)

  10. Okay, no. No feeling guilty about the mixer. You DO cook, you WILL use it, and that mother effer will last, year in and year out.

    I'd be the same as you about gifts; I don't really expect much, I don't peek, and even as a kid, I never snooped to find out what gifts I may have been getting. But our registry was different to me, mostly because it was a chance to get a lot of things that we wouldn't ordinarily buy for ourselves, even if we had the "extra" money. Another things was that we had the gifts shipped to MD, and not Toronto, where we live. So I'd check the registry and see what was bought, but we didn't actually have the gift yet. Plus, we couldn't see who bought the gifts until we got to MD, opened them and saw the packing slips/gift messages. So it was like two waves of excitement, really . . . an OOOOOHHH, WE HAVE A KITCHENAID STAND MIXER!!! moment, and a while later an OOOOOOOHHH, SO-AND-SO BOUGHT US THIS PRETTY SHINY ONYX KITCHENAID STAND MIXER!!!