Thursday, September 23, 2010

Seamstress update

After all the b*tching I did about the seamstress, I rescheduled for 2pm today and then 2pm hit just as I was unloading our favors* and OOT supplies from the car at our apartment, 40 minutes away from the seamstress' shop.  Whose the flake now?

Anyway, I frantically called and she said it was fine if I was late, as long as it wasn't more than an hour late.  I hauled myself down to Olney and she handed me my dress.  I was pleased that she had only taken the seams out under the arms, where it doesn't really show, and not all the way around the dress.  I was even more pleased when I put the dress on and she zipped it up.  I let out a sigh of relief - the scale batteries died, so I don't know if I actually lost the full 5lbs I said that I would, so this was the telling point.

The dress fit but the top still didn't work right.  She did some more pinning and created the sweetheart neckline I had asked her to, and I finally looked at myself and smiled.  It looked right.  It looked good.  It looked how I had imagined that it would look.

She got to work pinning the hem and the bustle and I got to work playing with my jewelery and fancy new headband**.  None of the stuff that I had expected to wear worked, which would leave normal people who did not blatantly steal*** from their mother's jewelry stash in a tizzy.  However, I had a number of spare necklaces, so I just kept trying things on and eventually found one that worked, other than it being a bit too long.  I have to go back to my mom's drawers to raid for earrings that match though.  Also, because I'm sure you were wondering, my veil looks awesome.

*I went with Lindor truffles.  It was $30 for 150 of them from Costco, although they are not in "our" colors, I ceased caring about things like that sometime last week.  
**At least two people have made comments about the headband in a "I'm not telling you what to wear on your head but you shouldn't wear that" kind of way, so I'm having second thoughts...but you guys, I look like a princess!
***I mean borrow. 


  1. Hey! I have that headband! I wore it to work last week and three different people asked if I wore it in our wedding. (I didn't, but I DID wear it to the rehearsal dinner for because it's just enough fancy for me to feel special.) =)

    So, um, those two people who told you no should just go hush. It's beautiful and you like it? Rock it, lady.

  2. That headband is badass! And no batteries in the scale is a blessing in disguise.

  3. I'm glad your appointment went well! I think the headband is really pretty. Did those people actually see you in it? If you look like a Princess, it sounds beautiful!

  4. Chalk up the being late to wedding brain. It happens.

    I'm sooo happy that the dress is turning out to be what you imagined. And rock the "headband" if that's what you want to do. If it makes you feel pretty and special, then you should wear it.

    A little jealous of the troves of stealable jewelry your mom has. Mine does not wear jewelry that I would even consider wearing for a fraction of a second.

  5. *I seriously hate on Anthro a lot - because I've never been in one, I don't do shabby chic, and I don't *get* it. Plus, I don't think Anthro understands the concept that some people went to graduate school and do not have $168 to throw around on a casual dress. You know what I pay that kind of money for? 2 Suits. That's right.

  6. @Anonymous - point well taken - and my headband is one of those things I haven't written about because life is moving a bit too quickly lately. Anthro is totally overpriced - my headband was $32, which in "normal world pricing" is a LOT for a headband. However, the cheapest "wedding world pricing" headband that I could find that was similar was at least $35, plus shipping. The one I found in a bridal shop that I loved was $150. I saw the anthro one online and when I happened to be outside their store, I made my first foray inside, found my headband, and bought it.
    The rest of the store was all a little odd, and not to my taste, so I think I'll stick by my general feelings.