Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Shower Gifts

Last spring, I had the good fortune to be invited to three bridal showers.  Unfortunately, all were on days I couldn't go to.  One of them was on the same day as my half marathon, one was on the same day as a wedding, one was on the same day as a family thing.  So I sent gifts.

The thing was though, two of the showers were for people who I don't know *that* well.  Like, I know them well enough to know what kinds of things they might like or use, but I had no idea whether they owned those things.  I wondered what to get, and finally hit upon something I firmly believe that you can't have too many of.

I received two shower invites on the same day, so I ordered two of the same robe, one in navy, one in green. When they arrived, frankly, I liked them so much, I kept the green one.  :)  This was actually a good thing, because I wound up ordering a similar robe for my other friend, and at the last minute chose to monogram her new "married" initials on it, which was a gesture she appreciated from me (since I tried to talk her out of hyphenating).  
The last time I went to one of their homes, I was thrilled to see the bathrobe hanging on the back of her bathroom door.  I love it when gifts get used, and when going off-registry doesn't result in somebody having too many of something they never wanted it in the first place.  

What off-registry gifts do you like to get?


  1. A nice robe is a really great shower gift idea. I've love one!

  2. I've been looking to buy myself a nice robe as my college dorm one is well beyond it's useful life. Nice idea.

    As for off registry items we received (and appreciated) - a wedding spice box from penzey spices, some religious items (a nativity set, framed blessing), an "our first christmas" ornament, and some handmade items.