Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Another casualty of time and budget...wedding bands.  We spent a couple of evenings getting quotes from jewelers for custom bands - a cradle ring to go with Ellie's oddly shaped band, and a band for me with a cut pattern that would be a squarer version of the pattern in her ring.  Two different jewelers gave us about the same price for the work, which was way more than we'd planned on spending - in fact, wedding bands are one of those items that didn't ever make it into the budget, so officially we weren't planning on spending anything on them. (It should be noted that Ellie wasn't originally planning on getting a wedding band, but we have since decided she should have one.)
To make it worse, we're now just 5 weeks away from the wedding (scary).  So, this weekend while Ellie was home, we went back to Morstein's to talk to them about rings.  Ellie chose a simple half-round band, narrow enough to work with her engagement ring (2mm palladium).  I picked out a pretty basic titanium ring - the same general shape that I'd always pictured, but I gave up on the cut design (as it happened, they had a ring in their display case, engraved with a vaguely similar pattern, and it turned out I didn't particularly like it).

So, we may not have the custom rings we initially pictured, but we only spent a quarter of what we would have for custom work, and it's yet another item crossed off the never-ending list!


  1. Yay another thing off the list! And custom is nice when you can afford it, but by the sounds of it, you guys picked out great ones.