Sunday, September 26, 2010


I took an incredibly useful class in college called, "Controlling Stress and Tension".  I use this class more than any class I took in college, combined.  I learned all about stress, what causes stress, good stress, bad stress, etc. etc. etc.

This class got me through the bar exam and so far it's been very helpful with wedding planning.  There are two breathing exercises I like to indulge in when I get a chance.

1.) The Ten-Second Vacation - my favorite-ever professor taught us this before the bar exam.  Take a "10 second vacation" to get your breathing back under control and to get a grip on yourself.  It's shockingly helpful.

2.) Somatopsychic breathing - you know how some things are psychosomatic?  If you think them, they happen? This is the opposite.  If you breathe deeply, into your spine - really force the air into your stomach and try to feel it on your spine - it will relax you.  You really can force your body to do what you want and your mind will follow.  It sounds crazy, but it works.  Something about the extra-deep breathing interrupts the production of stress hormones or something and you feel calmer.  Give it a try.

Any other suggestions for getting through the last two weeks?


  1. I really, really wish my college had offered a class like that. Lord knows we needed it.

  2. You're probably already doing this, but exercise! Yoga and aerobics helped keep me sane(-ish).

  3. Semi supine and allll is fine! Seriously, the best book in the world for finding peace and a natural, comfortable way to hold your body and breath is in "Freeing the Natural Voice" by Kristin Linklater. The best way to relax (I've found) is by getting into semi-supine, with your head on a book or two, your spine and feet on the ground, and your knees pointing toward the sky for about 5 minutes. It does wonders.