Saturday, September 25, 2010

Surely to their credit.

After I ordered about 12 Mother-of-the-Bride dresses for my mom and was tearing my hair out because nothing was quite right, my dad called me one Saturday while we were at the hardware store.
"Mom is trying on a dress that might do for the wedding." My dad said.  You have to understand, the last time I got this call, the dress that was being tried on in no circumstances was fit for the wedding.
"Describe it please." I said.
"I would describe it as a light burgundy with ruffles and beading on the top."
Light burgundy!?! They were instructed to find a cranberry color, a red, not a pink! What did light burgundy even mean? I thought immediately of mauve, a color I don't care for.  I thought my parents had completely misunderstood what I was looking for for my mom.
Well folks, I was wrong, and it is time to give credit where credit is due.  Check out my mom's totally awesome dress, in just right red with shutter pleats (aka ruffles) and elegant beading:
I love this dress, and more importantly, my mom loves it.  It looks really good on her and is just the right color and formalness for our wedding.  Plus it matches silver shoes she already owns.  So it's all kinds of win.
I'm going to get her some kind of wrap to go with it, once we have the extra bits from the hem so I can match them.  I think it will also look good with her burgundy flower corsage.

What do you think? Did my parents do well or what?


  1. It's really pretty and looks great on her! My mom's dress also has shutter pleats.

  2. SHUTTER PLEATS! I've been wondering what those things were called!

    Also, yes, that dress is gorgeous! Way to go, 'rents!

  3. Dad picked out the dress and said it would be great. On behalf of fathers of the bride EVERYWHERE I hope the Brides understand, like monkeys typing Shakespeare, sometimes even by chance we get it right

  4. Ellie, where did she find this dress? where are some good places to find MOB dresses? Just want to let my mom know! Thanks and good luck with the last two weeks!

  5. Yay, your parents did well! You're mom looks pretty.

    I seriously doubt my mom will be able to do this well on her own. I'm probably going to have to hold her hand through this whole thing. But, you never know...sometimes parents surprise us.

  6. Yay! Good job! My mom had a really hard time finding something too. Your mom looks great!!