Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Things I didn't expect

We've all talked before about how weddings make us all crazy and whatnot.  You obsess over invitations or decor or whatever.  But there's a lot of stuff that nobody told me, so I'm telling you.

They don't talk about how the 12 days before a wedding make you go completely batsh*t nuts.  Decisions are paralyzing and the event is so close you cannot see the forest for the trees.  Even if all you have is time, none of it is enough time.  Everything seems weighted with so much importance, so many decisions to make, and you don't have time to talk to everyone and get the approval of the fiance and the parents and the attendants. You just have to go and hope it turns out okay, but not having the time to think over decisions makes them seem horrifying and makes me want to hide under the couch.

Also, nobody mentioned that I would start rethinking every decision that I made early on and second guessing everything.  My decision not to decorate the aisle? Totally to hell - I'm now obsessing over whether mums in baskets would be better or galvanized pails hanging off the shepherds hooks.  My decision to buy $200 of paper lanterns? Now I think that they are too much work, too much stress, and that it gets dark so fast now that if we aren't going to light them, I shouldn't even bother with them.  Plus, who is going to take them down???

I'm hoping to hit again that point of go-go-go decision making that I was in last week - everything just has to get done, so decide and move on! Or that point of not caring and just enjoying our family and friends who are in town.  Time for some deep breathing.


  1. (long time lurker, delurking to say...)


    I'm 4 days out from the wedding day. Just now I'm finally feeling like I have a grip on sanity after the past week. The past week? I was a maniac. And short-tempered and stressed and so busy.

    But it's all getting done (fingers crossed). Even if I did stare at my fiance last night and ask if we should call the caterer and add cool late night snacks to the menu. And maybe we really do that need bathroom kit my mother wants....

  2. You don't need the bathroom kit. We are putting mints in the bathrooms and that is it, but all I've ever seen is the bathroom kits get destroyed and raided and aren't worth the effort.

  3. Ellie, I'm so excited for you, you have no idea. I know you can get it all done or at least the important stuff. Know that I'm behind you 100% and wish I could help make decisions or craft or whatever you need. It is a shame we live so far. It's ok to be stressed, just keep doing your destressing exercises. The magic is coming! Happy wishes flying your way!

    @Katy, if your mom wants the bathroom kit, tell her to make it.

  4. haha. Thanks for the wisdom on bathroom kits. I'll pass it along to mom.