Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Trust is a powerful and important part of planning a wedding.  You must trust the people you love.  You must stop micromanaging everything, or you will have much less fun than we are having.  I totally trust our vendors - every bite of everything we have had from our caterer is amazing, every photo from our photographer is stunning, the flowers I've seen by our florist are fabulous, and the cakes our baker makes are delicious.  I trust these people. But I also trust our people.

Our people - like my cousin's wife, who made my bridesmaids amazing sashes that look just like the ones from the bridal shop at half the price; like my future mother-in-law, who I finally relinquished the table runner fabric to so that the table runners will actually get, y'know, done.  I realize that I believe that putting my own personal touches on this wedding are appealing, but not being a major stress case before the wedding is way more appealing.  So I delegated.  And am continuing to delegate.

I also trust people now when they tell me how I will feel.  My cousin refused to let me come into the campaign office the week before the wedding, saying that from what she remembered about getting married, there was so much last-minute to-do stuff that she didn't realize needed to be done, and that I would need the time.  I didn't try to argue, I just agreed.  My sister warned me that the wedding day 5k might not go too well because I'll be tired from last minute tasks.  I am taking this into account, and if I can't run, or can't run very fast, I will not push myself and risk hurting myself.

Who do you trust in your wedding planning?  Are you delegating to the people you trust?


  1. Agreed! This is so important - and I think it can be delightful and integral part of wedding experience if you let it happen. Relinquishing responsibilities has two major benefits: 1. it lets you relax and emotionally prepare, and 2. it lets others participate in this major event, which I've found they're only happy to do. Good luck with the last push Ellie!

  2. I'm proud of you Ellie. Delegating is hard, but it sounds like you are doing great at trusting your peoples and believing it'll all get done.

    You're in the home stretch and I think it is smart to consider how things might work out if you are more tired than your expect.

  3. I need to learn how to trust people.