Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Can I have a do-over?

The list of regrets from the wedding is really very small.  The top of the list? The crummy rush-job I did on the programs.  We didn't print the programs until 4 days before the wedding, since we hadn't finalized the ceremony.  I printed them, folded them, and delivered them to my sister for her to stamp our tree stamp on the cover.
I woke up the next morning in horror and realized that I had forgotten the minister's name.  I also, at some point, realized that I'd forgotten to put in our parents names.  I had two options - reprint the programs, or add stickers.  We had plenty of paper left to reprint, and I found some really nice sample programs online, but reprinting 100 programs just isn't eco-friendly.  It would have taken less time to do the reprint than to do what I did, which was  sticker 100 programs.
So my point is...please stop reading this now and go put together a template for your programs.  I mean, seriously.  At least write out the bridal party and for the love of all that is holy, please please please include your parents names.  I felt so bad about this, because when I mentioned to our mom's that we'd forgotten this, Mark's mom got this...slightly wounded look on her face.  I felt terrible and I really really wish I had done the reprint.
The programs were also frustrating because I'd designed them two weeks earlier and shown them to Mark.  He'd added a good suggestion, which is, "why don't we just put the photo upload information in here?"  Since we had also put in our new address, we hoped people would keep the programs anyway (they didn't.)  So we put in the photo upload information, but we wrote it in as a placeholder and then Mark set up our flickr account...so you can see where this is going...the information was wrong and I didn't double check it before I hit print.

So if I could have a do-over, what would I do?  Well, I might make the programs more fun.  I know, I know, nobody cares.  Nobody cared that our program was only a folded sheet of paper - but I can't help thinking that if they were fun, people would have actually kept them and now wouldn't be emailing us to ask for our address.  I think I would have done a design like these from Hello Tenfold.  But truthfully, we were drowning in DIY at this point and it wouldn't have been worth it.  So I employed the "eff it" technique I learned from APW. I reminded myself that many weddings don't have programs, so who would care that ours were bad?

I would also do more research beforehand.  I thought I knew what went into a ceremony program, but once I started searching, I found much nicer examples than what I had written.  I should have redesigned and reprinted but I was so tired at this point and I figured no-one would care.  I underestimated how much I would care.  So I'm writing this post to wallow in my own self pity and then get the hell over myself.


  1. Don't beat yourself up too much! You did your best. We all have itty bitty regrets, I'm sure...

    We didn't do programs. We'd intended to write the ceremony order, officiant's name, grandparents, parents names, bridesmaids, groomsmen, etc., on a large chalkboard and place it near our outdoor ceremony site for all to read. I ordered the chalkboard a month in advance, and it never arrived (the company has since refunded me in full). So. We had no programs. No nothing. Nobody seemed to care or even notice. So, whateva!

    But: Somehow! Somebody forgot to pin the boutonnieres on the groomsmen's lapels. (Whose "job" is that anyway?) The pretty pretty flower bundles were still in the fridge at the end of the day, whoops.

    Ah well. We still got married. So... all in all, it was a success!

  2. For what it's worth, I never thoroughly read or keep a program. So, even if you'd got the flickr account correct, I would have missed it. (We're probably doing programs to outline some of the Jewish customs and because it's important to Jason but, other than that, whatever.) I know you know that you couldnt possibly be perfect and that this is a tiny deal. So I hope it really sinks in soon.

  3. Programs are nice and whilst I do keep them they do just end up in a pile with all the other detritus I like to collect.

    Wallow and grieve for loss but then get over it. Bigger fish to fry and all that. Ax