Thursday, October 14, 2010

Classic W42 - Engagement Photos

What I learned through the two engagement sessions we did is that everyone should do engagement pictures.  It's really important to feel comfortable being the center of attention and being photographed that much.  But what I wrote about in this post also rings true: engagement pictures are about all the rest of your days, not just that one single day.  So far, with our engagement pictures, we have printed a poster that we haven't hung up, and gotten several pictures printed that we use under the glass in our photo-coffee table.  We used some from our original shoot for Christmas cards.    

Mark and I have been deciding on the logistics for our engagement pictures - when and where to shoot, and who we want to take them. Considering I was on the fence originally, I think it's interesting that I'm now pretty set on them. I actually wouldn't mind taking more than one set. This probably seems ridiculous, and like I'm really vain. That's not what it is.
Something Meg (congrats, btw!) said way back when I first wrote about this was that we are about to embark on the most expensive photo shoot of our lives, so why waste more time and money taking pictures of ourselves in our every day clothes?
The answer I have finally come to is that...our life is about so much more than our wedding. And I don't want to just be using pictures from our wedding as the default pictures we hand to our family members to put on the mantle or on the refrigerator. I don't want the only really amazing pictures of us to be of us all dressed up. I want them to be of us as we are, having fun, enjoying ourselves and just hanging out together. I don't want them to be awkward chin shots. I want pictures where I feel pretty in an everyday kind of way, not a wedding kind of way. I want pictures where Mark looks like the man who comes home to me every night, not the guy in the suit I take to weddings. (Don't get me wrong, that guy is totally handsome. But I see that man five times a year. So I wouldn't mind having some pictures of the other guy.)
Maybe we won't do very much with these pictures. Maybe we won't even give them to our parents or friends. Maybe we'll just have them, print a couple prints and some collages and use them as our background pictures on our computers. I still think that I want to have them when we're older so we can look back and marvel about how young we were, how much we thought we knew, how wrong we turned out to be.
Our wedding pictures will be about the "best day of our lives". Engagement pictures will be about all the rest of the days. So as long as they don't cost an insane amount of money, we will do them.

I'm going to close with this, taken by our photographer, which I printed in black and white and hung on our wall:


  1. I really like what you wrote about engagement photos showing you guys in your everyday glory. You are definitely right that most of our really nice photos end up with us dressed up either in fancy outfits or in wedding attire. Having some of just regular clothes looking the way you do the majority of the year does sound really nice.

    However, unless someone gifts us with an engagement shoot, I don't think we can afford it. It would be nice to get comfortable posing together in front of one of our photographers, but I don't think it's a reality for us. Luckily (a little known fact), I've done a little modeling before, so I'm pretty comfortable in front of the camera. However I am a little concerned about the Beagle's comfort level, since he's normally behind the camera, not in front.

  2. great photo! i agree...engagement photos should definitely be different from wedding photos and they're totally worth it..

  3. I really like that sentiment. I feel kind of weird about how much I like getting professional pictures done, but you're right, it's nice be able to look back and have something to look back at. And the best pictures I have are the ones in normal clothes doing normal things with friends.