Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Conquering the To-Do List

As we are 5 days away from The Wedding, I wanted to share some of my tips for conquering the to-do list.  The first is stop working.  Seriously, if you have the vacation time for it, you will need the honeymoon so much less if you take the week before the wedding off from work.  Mark doesn't have that kind of time.

First thing is, just start crossing things off.  Make a giant list of things that have to get done, and things that must be bought to get them done.  Then buy those things and just get things done. No matter if you can't totally complete the project, some is better than none.  We have been stuffing our OOT bags slowly throughout the last three weeks, and they're pretty much done.  Much better than sitting down and doing them all at once with all the things that go in them.

Second thing is, enlist help.  If help is offered, take it - yes, you do need it.  Then consult the to-do list.  Forget about things you wanted to do "by yourself" or "perfectly" or "won't take long" and just get it done.  My wonderful cousin-in-law (and my cousin) sacrificed an evening of their time last week to help me assemble escort cards.  At the last minute, I roped in my mom.  It still took us 3 hours to get everything together.  After that, I asked my parents to trek up to Baltimore and help with crafts.  They came up on Sunday and my dad stuffed favors, my sister finished off the OOT bags, and my mom and I cut and fray checked 27 bench covers.

Third thing is, when you think of something, make sure it goes on the list or in the pile.  If you are thinking, "we must remember to bring the pen to sign the ketubah", put the pen in the favor basket.  Put the favor baskets in a box so they are ready to go.  Collect everything in one place and start doing it now, because holy h*ll there is a sh*tton of stuff that needs to go to the venue.

Fourth thing is, try to break your to-do list out by days.  Make the list, then assign 2-3 tasks per day for the week - don't get all wrapped up in "it's Sunday and I'm not supposed to do programs until Wednesday" because that is not the point.  The point is to realize that you have 5 days to do 13 tasks, and you can get them done.  If you get them done early, GREAT.

Fifth thing: prioritize.  If my toss boquet doesn't get done, it doesn't get done.  If the programs don't get done, I have a pint sized disaster on my hands.

Sixth thing: take breaks.  I went to my character interview yesterday morning, went out and bought rehearsal lunch clothes and more makeup, and then came home and sat around in my bathrobe for an hour.  Sometimes you need it.


  1. Good advice. I'm glad you mentioned prioritizing and taking breaks. Very wise.

    I hope your character interview went well! Although every time I read character interview, I imagine you are interviewing at Disney to be the next Donald Duck or Minnie Mouse.

  2. five days?! holy wow.

    and a bathrobe is good for any of those steps. take the time to relax and enjoy the chaos, it will be so worth it. :)