Friday, October 8, 2010


Last night I completed my very own veil-hat and was completely done with my DIY projects.  (Mine. I'm still doing some of Mark's.)  In the last week I have:
-Made 2 ties (for the ushers and boy am I glad I didn't make 5) - I used this super-easy printable pattern and they look really good.
-Done the curtains/backdrop for the photobooth
-Made a sash for one of the attendants (my word for tiny girls handing out programs)
-Made 30 bench covers out of burlap (don't worry, we only fray checked these, we didn't sew them)
-Made 125 programs (125 programs for 155 guests - that's enough, right? If we run out, we run out) on which I forgot to put the minister's name.
-Created and printed signs for the guestbook, flip flops, card box, etc.
-Finished our Out Of Town Bags
-Finished our awesome wooden signs
-Bought and labeled bottles of bubbles
-Finalized the ceremony, timeline and our shot list

There are some other projects that I have forgotten, but I just wanted to say that although I had imagined that our wedding wouldn't be that DIY-tastic, it happened anyway.  Which is to say that you really shouldn't take on a ton of DIY projects.  Take on one or two, because the rest creep up on you.  I was planning to make programs, OOT bags, and wooden signs.  Everything else wasn't on the list until the month before the wedding.  Anything that is on the list that you can get done early, get done early - even if it's silly things like buying bubbles and putting labels on them.

Also, for goodness sake, please please please finalize your ceremony at least a month before the wedding.  Seriously.  Ask people to do readings, etc. Because we didn't, and we finished the ceremony yesterday.


  1. Holy sh*t, girl! You deserve a NAP.

  2. Great tips! another one, from my own personal experience: confirm the ceremony and all bits and pieces before printing/cutting/assembling your programs. I didn't fully do this, then at our last meeting with our Pastor when I handed a completed program to her, she pointed out that our final reading, which I had listed as the Gospel reading, is not *actually* a Gospel reading. Oops. She didn't seem to mind too much, and thank goodness she didn't tell me I had to redo all 90 of them. I probably would've scrapped the whole project (fans) and made regular old booklet programs and then been really disappointed cuz I really like our fan programs. it by your officiant before moving forward.

  3. Wow, girl. I am glad you are getting tomorrow, so that you can go off on your honeymoon afterward and relax. Congrats on getting so much done. And yay you are getting married tomorrow!!!