Monday, October 25, 2010

Father-Daughter Dance

The father daughter dance is something I had been looking forward to for more than a year.  I had told my dad that we would be dancing to "Waltzing with Bears", a song about a family taking care of their insane old uncle.  Secretly, I knew we would be dancing to one of my favorite childhood songs - "If a Brontosaurus Came to Lunch Today" from "Dino Songs with Don Cooper", a cassette we had growing up.  Kiddie songs are great - they are pretty short, and a lot of fun.  My dad and I had a really great time - it made a sappy moment a lot easier because we were both laughing the whole time, and my dad had this look on his face which I can only describe as "delighted".
If you have the chance to spring this kind of surprise on your father, I highly recommend it.  A lot of people asked about our dance later, and it was more fun (I think) than normal dances.  Don't worry though - we also still did Waltzing with Bears later in the night, but my sister and my mom joined in.


  1. I have no idea what song to dance with my dad to. I was thinking about just letting him pick (it'll probably be the Beatles).

    P.S. These dancing shots make you and your dress look super gorgeous. :)

  2. ellie you look absolutely wonderful!\