Thursday, October 28, 2010

Lessons: Thank You Notes

1.) Do not rely on making your thank-you notes.  Just order them.  For serious, yo.  Or make them right now.  No, not next week.  No, you don't have "plenty of time."  This is something you must get done now, or you will run headfirst into crafting burnout and try to put off writing thank you notes because you don't have time to make them.  Or you just don't want to make them.
2.) Don't write shower notes and then either lose them or not send them until after the wedding.  Because then you will have written, "can't wait to see you next weekend" and it will have already passed.  Then you will either be lame, lazy, or both.


  1. Also, don't send a completely generic and typed thank you that doesn't acknowledge what you gave or any other specifics a la my cousin.

    Seriously, I got a thank you that was typed on the computer and printed that said "Dear Ms. Bunny and Mr. Beagle, Thank you for your gift. It was very appreciated. Love Ungrateful Cousin and Her Husband"

    All they did was sign their names.

  2. Man, I wish we'd done that! We would have been done with thank yous two weeks ago! (AKA three days after getting back from the honeymoon)

  3. Good point. We have our first shower next weekend (and several unopened gifts at our apartment)..I better get some thank you notes ASAP...

  4. Oh yes, who am I kidding there will be more craftiness. EVER!