Sunday, October 24, 2010

Props and Costumes

With Halloween coming up, I know some of you are planning Halloween-themed weddings.  May I suggest that you have a box of photobooth props or dress up clothes in the corner?  Especially if you have kids coming to the wedding.  Because the small children, they love the lightsabers.  If you have a lot of nerdy groomsmen and boys of nerdy parents coming, you should probably have more than one lightsaber.  
Unfortunately, we couldn't find our second in time. 

I also recommend to anyone currently planning, who is going to have an October/Halloween wedding or photobooth next year, buy your props right after Halloween is over.  I did this for my cousin's wedding last year, and got everything we needed for half off.  They also got used twice, so that was great (and I'm loaning them to a friend for her hallowedding.)  I was really pleased that at our wedding, nearly every photobooth picture involves some kind of props.  Oh, wait, you want to see?  Well.


  1. That last photo is the BEST! Congrats. You looked GORGEOUS.