Thursday, October 7, 2010

Some very smart and some last minute thoughts.

I started reading bestselling books in college, because I realized something - usually, books that are popular are actually pretty good.  Sometimes they are just entertaining, but they are usually a cut above other "entertaining" books.  Anyway, I read Twilight last summer and I didn't tell anyone unless I saw them reading Twilight.  My friends make fun of Twilight and I laugh uncomfortably.  Finally, one day, I stuck up for teenage girls and told my friend that if he hadn't read the books, he should shut up, because he had no right to decide that something was terrible just because teenage girls liked it.  

So my point is, what Meg said today really resonated with me.  This is part of what I was talking about last week - and although this week, I've embraced the wedding-mania that engulfs my life, I still don't like to tell people I write a wedding blog.  Even though I write a wedding blog that has over 100 subscribers, most of whom are smart and thoughtful, I still feel silly.  I talk more about my cooking blog, which has like, 12 subscribers.  

Oh, and speaking of smart: how the hell are we supposed to pack the car for the wedding?  I mean, first of all, how do I pack? I've got one night in a hotel room with the bridesmaids, one night with Mark, and then we go on our honeymoon.  I'm thinking to pack two totally separate suitcases and just move my toiletries bag on Monday before we leave.  (Clothing suggestions for SF/SD this time of year most appreciated, btw. I have no time to think. Operating without core containment here, people.) But I also have to pack a bag for the venue with my shoes, veil, jewelry, makeup, emergency kit (I should make one of those), etc.  

And then there is  the other stuff.  Stuff like the ceremony decorations, the table numbers, the escort cards, the guestbook stuff.  My instict is to pack everything designated by region - ceremony, reception, bathroom baskets, etc. - but then there is stuff doing double duty.  My other instinct is to clearly label every box with it's contents, throw things where they fit, and then roll with it.  Any thoughts? Marrieds, what did you wish you had done, organizationally?


  1. We packed our hotel bag and then our honeymoon bags. For the venue stuff, we packed it in boxes and labeled everything. The labels were based on destination at the venue or part of the event as you suggest in your post. I knew many people would be helping us setup so I wanted it organized and understandable. It seemed to work out well because most things were executed as we had planned.

    We moved everything to the venue the day before the wedding in advance of the rehersal. We had to take so much crap to the venue that we used a few cars, but I am sure you have fond memories of our copious numbers of mums. :-) We got dressed at the hotel and then went to the venue so I did not have to worry about taking a bag for the venue. I did have a small bag containing my makeup, etc.

    Make your MOH responsible for the emergency kit. :-)

    My way is always to over organize as it helps me feel in control and manage my stress. Good luck! We are here to help if you need it.

  2. Yep. I packed a few bags last night (our wedding is Saturday), and it dawned on me: Wait, I'll need a bag for the night before the wedding, bag for the wedding night AND a suitcase for the honeymoon. Luckily, we're not leaving for our honeymoon until Monday, so Sunday we'll pack for that.

    As for odds-ends-decorations-etc., I put things in various shopping bags and boxes and labeled them -- it kind of reminded me of packing before a move -- but I'm still worried I'll forget something. Today, I'm writing list upon list of reminders!

    Good luck! xoxo.

  3. I'm also staying with my bridesmaids the night before the wedding, my new hubby on wedding night, and then leaving for the honeymoon. I plan on packing the wedding night and honeymoon stuff together in my suitcase, and then the stuff for the wedding day in another bag that my mom can take home with her after the wedding.

    Our venue asked us to put everything in boxes with everything clearly labeled. I printed out sheets of paper with the contents of the box as bullet points. We already gave our DOC a list of instructions with what to do with everything so as long as everything is labeled, it's fine if stuff is mixed up.

    We're going to SF and Napa for our honeymoon and apprently it's warm-ish during the day (70 degrees or more) and chilly at night (50 degrees or so). Basically, bring layering stuff and you should be fine. October is supposed to be the best time of year for that region so enjoy!

  4. We packed all of the boxes for the venue based on when they would be needed. Centerpieces in one set and ceremony stuff in the other, candies and things that melt were more carefully packed. All the boxes were then labeled accordingly. Overall we had very little stuff because we didn't do any decorations at the venue.

    I think I just brought my makeup and dress to the venue, I don't recall packing much else. My MOH didn't give me an emergency kit, and I was just fine ;-) But if you give me a list of what is needed I will produce such a kit.

    I would pack for the honeymoon in advance, you will have NO time on Monday to pack/go to CVS--trust me.

    Also, our car was packed to the brim on the trip home after the wedding brunch, and that didn't include any of the centerpieces--or most of the other stuff we brought to the wedding. Gifts take up a lot of space because they are still in boxes. I'd recommend you enlist double extra help from others to drive stuff back to Barre Street.

    Yay one day until the wedding weekend starts!

  5. Hmmm. I stayed with a friend the night before in her hotel room, my husband and I stayed at the hotel for three nights, and then we left for our (first) post-wedding getaway. But I think I packed everything in one suitcase except for the wedding stuff, which I had put into the car separately. (Table names, menu cards, programs, etc.) I knew where everything was and I dropped those off the morning of the wedding, so they were out of my hair, and when we got them back, we just threw it all in the car afterward. I didn't pack separate suitcases simply because it would've been one more thing to carry (or leave behind!), and it really wasn't worth having a suitcase for the few nights at the hotel. In fact, it was kind of easy because everything was in one place, and it actually didn't end up being a problem at all.