Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Thought Process

This might be oversharing, but I had the following thought process a few weeks ago in Target.
"The wedding is coming up.  Maybe I should buy one of these home teeth-whitening kits.  But my friend said that it made her gums really irritated when she tried it for her wedding.  Maybe if I did one of these ones with the tray and then tried that tip from Self where I fill the tooth whitening thing with sensodyne after doing the tooth whitening, that will help.  But my teeth and gums are already pretty seriously sensitive.  This is one of those things you should probably ask a dentist about beforehand.  And I'm pretty sure mine would say, 'you already have inflamed gums. Have you been flossing?' But still, I am kind of self conscious about my incisors...but then again, will anybody really see those in photos? Wait, seriously?  I'm crazy.  Maybe instead I should consider flossing my teeth five times a week like I promised the dentist.  And not drinking soda."

My grip on reality was tenuous at best even two weeks ago - I compared it to what the Revers do in Firefly - "operating without core containment".  There is no real "track" to your thoughts, they just rattle around in your head and there is no right answer to anything.  You bounce from one task to the next and then spend the entire time you are out running errands wondering if you left the iron on this morning when you were ironing the ties for the ushers.  (This is why you bought an iron with self-shut-off, sweetie.)

Also, in general, if you don't smoke, your teeth are probably fine.  They probably don't sparkle like the people in magazines do, but you know what? You can photoshop those out just like they do.


  1. ::hugs::

    The fact that you can calmly sit and write about this is amazing in itself. I was having trouble stringing two thoughts together in the days before my wedding.

    Also ... I saw over at Mouse's that you are worried about handling any disappointments that might come up. In my case ... I didn't handle them well. I threw a fit a couple different times (my mom was meddling with our entrance and I just wanted to see our guests and eat, and when my cousins decided they needed to do family photos RIGHT NOW, just as a song I'd set aside to dance with a good friend to started playing) ... and you know what? It was fine. You have to remember, sweets, that you're surrounded by the people that love you ... and know you ... best. If it's in your personality to freak out, that's fine. It won't ruin your day, I promise. And what Mouse says is true ... the issues DO get smaller over time.

    So ... YAY! Just a couple days left!

  2. scattered then there. 'how are you?' 'just fine.' 'how can i help?' 'i don't know what help to ask for'. check lists on post its...lose the post it before i can check it off. distracted. disjointed. excited. perfectly ok *and* on the edge.

    i heart the firefly reference.

  3. No new beauty things within the two weeks before the wedding! Too risky! And your teeth are FINE!

  4. Uh, that's the way my brain works off weddings...bouncing around like a ping pong. This does not bode well for me once I get closer to my wedding.

    But omg you are sooooo close! I'm so excited for you!

  5. If I had been on that planet, I totally would have become a rever.