Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Tiny Little Girls

So there are a few communication things I kind of botched with the wedding - the most important being my treatment of the program girls, aka my 5,6, and 8 year old cousins.  I hadn't planned to ask any children to be in the wedding initially, because well, children are difficult.  But then last May, I was sitting on the hammock at my cousin's house and my two older little cousins came up to me and settled in.  We had such a nice (and adorable - kids are CUTE) conversation that I left thinking, "Man, I really love these girls, and they love me.  How can I not ask them to be a part of our wedding???"  Because really, that is what asking flower girls is about.  Irvine doesn't let you throw flowers, so I settled on putting them in matching dresses and asking them to hand out programs and blow bubbles during the recession.

The next issue was the matching dresses.  Where the hell would I find matching dresses (that I would be paying for) two months from the wedding?  Well, Nordstrom Rack, always the answer!  I went over there the day I picked up our marriage license and found three dresses with lacy ivory tops and navy skirts.
Add a green sash (frantically handmade by me) for a tie-in to the bridesmaids dresses and you have three adorable little girls.  The part where I goofed was waiting too long to ask them, not asking them in person, and asking their moms to pick up my slack and explain the girl's job to them.  My cousins are really awesome though, and they must love me a lot.  The girls were also amazing to me all weekend - so cute, so excited to help out, and so totally psyched to blow bubbles and dance.  They actually started a dance party at the reception before the first dance even came on - but it's okay, because adorable girls in matching dresses can do anything they want!!! 

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