Thursday, November 4, 2010


So it's been more than 3 weeks since the wedding, which means that Mark's ex-girlfriend probably didn't poison me.  (I still can't believe how many people said that!)  Our cake was delicious though.  And beautiful.  I bet you didn't think a cake with columns wouldn't look tacky, but I think our master cakestress did a fantastic job making a column cake not look like an 80s wedding movie fiasco.  
Photo by Prema Photographic
I also love that somebody had the foresight to put the cake on one of the table squares that Mark's mom made, and that our cakestress served the cake on a beautiful wooden cutting board (that is now on our counter at home.)  
Oh yeah, and it was delicious.  We took a couple pieces back to the hotel (and the entire top tier, which we had said not to save.)  At 6:30 the next day, I woke up starving and hungrily ate my piece of cake.  We took the remaining pieces of cake to the post-wedding brunch.  Sadly, we forgot to take any to freeze, but we'll get over it.  

The cake toppers came to us at the last minute at my bridal shower - Mark's mom found them at 10,000 Villages (I think) and they magnet together, kissing.  They were placed wrong on the cake at first, so the metal mouths looked funny, but we fixed them right before cutting the cake so they are "right" in the pictures.  In the end, I'm glad we had cake toppers but I highly recommend using salt and pepper shakers - it's a very green way to have cake toppers, and they come in pairs.  If you like animals, the San Diego Zoo has some really nice ones.  


  1. Wow that cake looks beautiful, unique, and tasty! A winning combo

  2. that is the cutest cake ever! i love it! and the toppers are great.

    glad you weren't poisoned!

    and i'll be thinking of you tomorrow when you find out!

  3. your cake is adorable and i love your new header!

  4. Mmm good cake!

    Also how cute and fabulous is your new header. The photograph is beautiful