Monday, November 29, 2010

Coming to the Defense of the Updo

When we got engaged, I had short hair.  Not like, bob short, like, short-short.
I miss it.  I'm going back to short hair after I get a job.
Then last summer, I turned 24 and I went a little crazy.  I looked in the mirror and I felt like I had aged 10 years.  Suddenly, I had wrinkles.  It's stupid, but I felt like my haircut made me look "old".  I decided to grow it back out to a chin-length bob.  Rather than growing it out all at once and never getting a haircut, I continued getting haircuts I liked - so it took about 6-8 months for me to get my hair back to chin length.  
Or I'll go back to this length.  Maybe with bangs.
Around May, I was pretty happy with my chin length bob.  I'd even had a mini hair-trial with my stylist back in April and was pleased with the results: 

By June, my hair was long enough to put in a ponytail, which I was relieved by as summer wore on.  I got a last haircut before the bar exam, but as the campaign picked up speed, I turned to the ponytail on a daily basis to deal with my hair.  So when I sat down to my hair trial, my hair had gotten much longer and I could go for the romantic curly look that I originally really wanted.  
There's been a lot out there lately about not getting up-dos.  The latest hairstyles in the magazines are all long and loose, wavy.  That wasn't for me - I like to have my hair up.  And if there is one true statement that all the bloggers agree on, it is that you should feel like yourself on your wedding day.  A girl with long, lose wavy curls is not going to look like me.  It wouldn't have felt right and I would have been uncomfortable.  One of the secrets of having a less "updoy" updo is to have your stylist not pull your hair into a ponytail first - I didn't have enough hair for that, and simply pinning the curls to the back of your head makes everything a bit softer.  

All my bridesmaids wound up with updos and looked gorgeous as well.  

My sister's was my favorite.  I was a little jealous of hers.  I loved the way her hair wrapped around.

After the wedding, I wanted to immediately do a post-wedding chop - also known as the haircut I hadn't had time for since September.  I've held off because right now, we have better uses for that money.  

Are you getting an updo?  Do you also feel uncomfortable with the pressure to "go natural" and wear your hair down?  


  1. I totally agree with you that you should feel like "you". I live in the south, and I swear everyone gets up-dos around here! I never wear my hair in a ponytail (I'm blonde and I look bald), and my hair is pretty long. I'm wearing it down, because that's what I'm comfortable with, and it's more "me".

  2. My hair will be too short for an updo. And that's not me anyways. I'm planning for a short do come wedding.

    I'm glad you went with what felt right for you. The curls pinned to your head look really pretty.

  3. I'm getting an updo, come hell, high water, or trends in the other direction. I can rock the loose and wavy (frizzy and tangled) look every other day of my life.

  4. I wore an updo and didn't think twice about that decision. I loved how it turned ended up complimenting my dress and veil really well. Yours was really pretty!

  5. I'm an up (although not do) girl. I prefer my hair up and I generally get all hot and bothered when it's down. Case closed!