Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Sorry for the light/lame posting - actual recaps start after Thanksgiving, so for now, a few more pro-pics.  All from Kierstin of Prema Photographic.
We walked into the woods after the ceremony, for a few moments of self reflection.

I love this picture of my mom.  She looks SO happy.

Confession time: I stole my sister's bouquet.  Her's had green hypericum berries and wheat in it, and mine had burgundy hypericum and no wheat (my own fault for not closely reading the florist contract or following up with the florist after our initial meeting to say "I've changed my mind and want green berries").  So we switched the wrappings right before the ceremony.  I should have taken the leaf out of mine, but I didn't.  It's all good.

My cousin, who is exactly between my sister and I in age, gave a very sweet toast.
One of my friends, at College Thanksgiving over the weekend, said, "I can't believe how coordinated your first dance was."  I said, "did you see how much I was focused on counting? There are no pictures of my face, because I'm going, 'one two three one two three'"  But Mark looks pretty happy.  

And since it's Thanksgiving week, this is what I look like when I make the thankful face. 
(me, blubbering something like, "thank you all so much for coming, we love you so much and you mean so much to us and we're just soooo glad you're heeeeeeeeeeeere.)

Have a great Thanksgiving!  


  1. You took my bouquet?

  2. I love how your dress looks from the back in the first picture. So pretty.