Monday, November 8, 2010

Holiday Cards

So, it's been a pretty crazy year, to be completely honest.  Between the graduating, the bar, the moving, the election, and the getting married, it's been a big year.  Life is finally slowing down and the holidays are right around the corner.  For the last three years, I have made my own Christmas cards.  I'm not organized about it and it's generally a disaster.  Sitting upstairs in my room are 3 cards I just found that never made it out the door last year.  The idea of dealing with that much stress again this year? No thank you.

This year, we are sending photo-cards.  They will double as wedding announcements for people who were unable to make it to the wedding, and they mean no writing heartfelt notes inside the cards (heartless? Maybe, but seriously, we just wrote 90 heartfelt thank you cards).

Once we had decided on a photo-card, the question remained: what company to use?  My parents use Ritz but I don't really like their options. Then I saw Christiana's post about Shutterfly's 50-free-cards promotion and decided to participate.  In looking through their website, I found a number of designs I really like.
Of the "standard" Christmas photo-cards, this one is definitely my favorite - I'm a big fan of non-denominational holiday cards, and I like that there would be a bit of space to write some kind of affectionate greeting on the bottom.  And how cute is the little red bird?
My favorite by far though came from the slightly-more-expensive lineup of holiday stationary cards.  There is something about the ribbon and the little tag on it that is just so cute!  Plus the green and cranberry colors are in our wedding palette, so it wouldn't be too weird.
I also really like the New Year's cards they have - I personally relish the idea of saying goodbye to 2010 like this card does: 
And another thing I will say for Shutterfly is this - their invitations are great! My friend's bridesmaids used an invite for her shower and I was really impressed by the quality of the invitation.  I'm hosting a baby shower for our friend sometime in the spring and would love to use these invites.  But if you aren't throwing a baby shower, don't worry, you can check out their selection of holiday invites - if we were classier people who had parties, we would be sending these out to invite people to some kind of holiday festivity:
So now it's just a question of picking an image.  Votes?


  1. I like the first picture the best -- you just look so happy and in love! (And you two look stunning!) The last picture gets second place :)

  2. As far as pictures, I like the first one and the last one. :)

    We did this after our wedding, it was a huge hit, we found a design that was black and gold, so it kind of matched the formalness of a wedding portrait, and then we put family photos in a nice frame as gifts. It was the easiest Christmas ever.

  3. I really like the first picture- you both look so happy!

  4. I love how easy modern technology makes cards. And I also vote with the first photo. Though I love them all - you both look gorgeous and radiant.

  5. This is a great idea, I am all about the photo cards this year :-) I love the first picture the best- so beautiful and happy.

  6. First or last - they're both beautiful!
    Don't think I've commented yet since you've been married - so congratulations!!

  7. I vote for the first or last one! But they are all so beautiful it's a hard choice.